Rewiew test

1.a.arrive b.sight c.island d.prison

 2a.Christmas b.character b.describe c.description d.prize

 4a.festival c.fat d.grand

 5a.invent b.decorate c.bamboo

 6a. wonder b.valley d.prison

II.Choose the best option:(2mS)


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	1.a.arrive	b.sight	c.island	d.prison
	2a.Christmas	b.character	b.describe	c.description	d.prize
	4a.festival	c.fat	d.grand
	5a.invent	b.decorate	c.bamboo
	6a. wonder	b.valley	d.prison 
II.Choose the best option:(2mS)
1. Chicago is often ___________ “The Windy City”.
	a. spoken 	b. talked 	c. said 	d. called
2. Ba _________ a shower at eight o’clock last night.
	a. was taking	b. were taking 	c.took	d. has taken
3. Thanks for inviting me to the rice-cooking _________.
	a. meeting 	b. race	c. festival	d. crowd
4. . Millions of Christmas cards ________________every year 
 a. were sent 	b. are sent c. send d. is sent
5. Two members take part in the _________ contest.
	a. Water-fetching b. fetched-water c. fetching – water d.water-fetched
 6. They have to _________ the rice from the husk and then cook the rice.
	a. take 	b. bring 	c. separate 	 d. make
	7.The Pyramid of Cheops is one of the seven……………..of the world.
	a.Pyramids	b. wonders	c.landmarks	d. temples	
	8. She asked me ………………..I had a driving licence.
	a.if	b.whether	d.a& b 
	9.In the ………………….competition, a team member must take a bottle of water and return to their team.
	a.fetching-water b.water –fetched c.water-fetcher	d.water-fetching
	10.I’m bored, Let’s play ………….of chess.
	a.aquiz	b.a show	c.a game	d.a question
	11.It’s dangerous ………………in the river. swim	b.swim	c.swimming	d.swam
	12.Would you mind …………….me some money. lend	b.lending	c.lend	d.lent	
III.Choose the word is not correct in standard English:( 1m)
	1. Paul tells me if I left my house unlocked.
 A B C D
2. The house was design by Mike’s father and built by Mike 
 A B C D 
IV.Do as directed in brackets (3ms)
1.The phone (ring) while Tom ( watch ) TV. (give the correct verb)
2.Hoa asked Nam : “ Do you speak French well now?” (change into reported speech) 3.He said : “I must go tomorrow”. (change the sentence into reported speech)
4.Viet nam is a country which exports a lot of rice.(using compound word)
5.John has given me these flowers since last week. ( change the sentence into passive form)
6.We decided (go) to Thuan An Beach.( give the correct verb)
7.John gave me these flowers last week.( turn into passive voice)
8.To make friends is easy.( Using it +be + adj + …..)
9.Nga / told / me / how / use / computer. ( write new sentences)
10. They said that they will go then.( correct the mistake)
V.Read the following passage and choose the item (a,b,c,d)that best answer each of the questions about it
	Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong province in Vietnam.Its name derives from the language of the local ethnic group Lat and its meaning is ‘Stream of the Lat’.In Vietnam Dalat is popular tourist destination. It is famous for its temperate climate, beautiful sights such as waterfall and lakes. It is also famous vegetables and flowers. There is a wine-making industry, too.
	The average temperature is 170 C, and doesn’t rise above 190C in the hottest season. Its temperate climate is ideal for agricultural production.
 Note: Derive: xuaát phaùt töø , ideal( adj): lyù töôûng ,wine : röôïu vang
1.Where is Dalat?
	a.In Lam Dong	b.In Quang Binh 	c.In Song Be	d. In Dong Nai
2.Dalat is famous for……………………………
	a.Its temperate b.Beautiful sights c.vegetables and flowers d.all are correct
3. Dalat’s temperature ………………………. rather high b.very low c.Never rises above 190C	d. sometimes is 200C 
4.Is there a wine-making industry in Dalat?
	a.yes, it is	b.yes, there is	c.No, it isn’t	d.No, there isn’t.
VI.Listen to the weather report. Then underlined the correct weather and temperature you hear:	1.Tokyo will be ( dry, cloudy,cool and windy), with a low of ( fourteen,sixteen, fifteen) and a high of ( twenty, twenty one, twenty two)
	2.London is going to have a ( cold, warm, humid) day.It will be very ( cool, cold, hot) with a low of minus ( three, four ,five) and a high of ( six ,seven, eight)
	VII.Supply the correct tense of verbs in the brackets:
	1.It was late,so we decided ( take) a taxi.
	2.She thought she might ( go) along the beach for 20 minutes.
	3.What you (do) at 8 o’clock last night?
	4.Nien asked Hoa if she ( have) many new friends.
	5. Would you mind ( give ) me some money?
	6.It’s easy ( learn) English.
	VIII. Match the column A with the column B:
 1.Angkor Wat
 2.Petronas Twin Towers
 3.Golden Gate Bridge
 d.The USA

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