Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi cấp trường môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 - Năm học 2012-2013 - Phòng GD&ĐT Bình Giang (Có đáp án)

A. PHONETICS (5 points)

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. school B. children C. teacher D. change

2. A. looked B. watched C. carried D. stopped

3. A. this B. thin C. thank D. through

 4. A. cloudy B. windy C. dry D. rainy

 5. A. shore B. compost C. order D. more


I. Choose the best option to complete the following sentences. (20 pts)

6. I like playing soccer. - _________.

A. So do I B. So am I C. Neither do I D. I am, too

7. My new bag is quite _________ your bag.

A. the same B. like to C. similar D. different from

8. Who made this cake, Mom? - I _________ made it.

A. my B. mine C. myself D. me

9. I prefer riding a bike _________ driving a car.

A. than B. to C. with D. for

10. Would you mind not using your phone here? - _____________________

 A. No, of course not. B. No, I’m afraid not. C. No, I can’t. D. I’d rather you didn’t.

11. Do you need any help? - _________

A. You’re welcome. B. Thanks, I don't need. C. Yes, I need. D. That's very kind of you.

12. I don't know how _________ this game.

A. play B. played C. to play D. playing

13. This is a very popular TV program. Every week it _________ by millions of people.

 A. will be watched B. is being watched C. is watched D. was watched

14. He told me that he _________ a plumber.

A. is B. will be C. was D. has been


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d 	C. to play 	D. playing
13. This is a very popular TV program. Every week it _________ by millions of people.
	A. will be watched	B. is being watched	C. is watched 	D. was watched
14. He told me that he _________ a plumber.
A. is	 	B. will be 	C. was	D. has been
15. Tim’s teacher asked him to spend more time _________ his Spanish pronunciation.
A. in	B. of	C. at	D. on
16. I am looking forward to _________ you again.
	A. see	B. seeing	C. be seeing	D. be seen
17. Susan works very _________, so she always gets good marks.
	A. badly	B. good	C. hardly	D. hard
18. Nhung is _________ in reading picture books.
A. interest	B. interesting	C. interested 	D. interestingly
19. Will you pick me _________ after the party?
A. on	B. over	C. up	D. through
20. Jane is the _________ of the three girls. 
	A. prettier	B. prettiest	C. pretty	D. prettily
21. I like my uncle’s house. It is a _________ .
A. new beautiful house	B. beautiful new house	C. beautiful house new	D. new house beautiful
22. Charles is _________ to ride a motorbike to school.
A. not old enough	B. old not enough	C. enough old not	D. enough not old
23. Our _________ resources are limited, so we should recycle all used things.
A. nature 	B. natural 	C. naturing 	D. naturally
24. The team ________ by an experienced rice cook won the rice – cooking contest.
A. led 	B. leads 	C. leading 	D. lead
25. It’s difficult ________ this work in 2 hours.
A. to finish 	B. finish	C. finishing	D. finished
II. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of words in capital at the end of sentences. (5 pts)
26. We started our trip on a beautiful _________ morning. (SUN)
27. I like the city life because there are many kinds of _________ . (ENTERTAIN)
28. Tri always drives very _________ . (DANGER) 
29. After taking an aspirin, her headache _________. (APPEAR)
30. It is _________ to eat too much sugar and fat. (HEALTH)
III. Give the correct tense of the verbs in the brackets. (5 pts)
31. She always (lose) _________ her pens.
32. There’s someone behind us. I think we (follow) _________.
33. This is the most interesting film I (ever see) _________.
34. Look at those black clouds. It _________ (rain).
35. I was reading a newspaper while I (wait)_________ for the bus this morning.
IV. Each sentence below contains AN error among the 4 underlined parts. Find it. (5 pts)
36. They have lived in Hanoi in 1998. 
 A B C D
37. I enjoy to visit my old friends when I arrive there next week.
 A B C D
38. Tuan said that his brother can fix the bikes in the afternoon.
 A B C D 
39. Could you tell when the next match starts and where buying tickets? 
 A B C D
40. I was helping my mother with the housework when the doorbell was ringing.
 A B C D
I. Choose the words or phrases that best fit each of the blank spaces. (10 pts)
Dear Nga,
I’ve just returned from a four-day trip to Da Lat. It’s my parents’ reward for my __41__ result in the last school year. The trip was very interesting and I’m eager __42__ you about it.
My parents and I stayed in a small hotel __43__ Xuan Huong lake. Walking around the lake and enjoying the __ 44__ cool air, we felt very comfortable. Da Lat has __ 45 __ interesting places such as Cam Ly fall, Bao Dai palace and Cu hill. The weather was rather cold __46__ night and in the early morning, but it was cool during the day. The __47__ was excellent there and we enjoyed a lot of vegetables and fruits. Returning home from Da Lat, we all felt very __48__.
Did you go anywhere during this summer holiday? Write to me __49__ you have time. It would be nice to __50__ about what you have been doing.
41. A. bad 	B. good 	C. dangerous	D. simple
42. A. tell 	B. telling	C. to tell 	D. told
43. A. near 	B. next to 	C. by 	D. all are correct	
44. A. fresh 	B. bad 	C. polluted 	D. dirty
45. A. many 	B. much 	C. a lot 	D. a little
46. A. in 	B. on 	C. at 	D. for 
47. A. people	B. restaurants	C. food	D. cinemas
48. A. health 	B. healthily 	C. healthiness 	D. healthy
49. A. where 	B. when 	C. what 	D. which
50. A. listen 	B. meet 	C. watch 	D. hear
II. Read the following passage and fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word. (10 pts)
Most people think that computers are very modern inventions, products of our new technological age. But actually the idea for a computer had been worked out over 2 centuries ago by a man __51__ Charles Babbage. Babbage __52__ born in 1791 and grew up to be a brilliant mathematician. He drew up plans for several calculating machines which he called "engines". But despite the fact that he __53__ building some of these, he never finished any of them. Over the years, people have argued whether his machines would ever work. Recently, however, the Science Museum in London has finished building engine based __54__ of the Babbage's designs. __55__ has taken 6 years to complete and more than 4 thousand parts have been specially made.
Whether it works or not, the machine will be on show at a special exhibition in the Science Museum to remind people of Babbage's work.
III. Read the passage and choose the best answer. (10 points)
"Let's have a picnic lunch in the countryside." This is easy to say and nice to think about. You imagine a beautiful green field with a big tree in the middle which gives some shade from the sun. All around is lovely scenery and in the distance you can see the cows quietly eating the grass. After a meal of delicious sandwiches and raw fruit, you can imagine lying in the warm sun then as darkness comes. You gather your basket and drive happily home.
But it doesn't always happen like this. You must not forget that flies also like raw food, that green fields are sometimes damp fields, that rain may follow the sun that peaceful cows may be unfriendly bull.
56. What is easy to say and nice to think about?
A. “Let’s have a picnic lunch in the countryside” is.
B. “Let’s have a picnic lunch in the mountain” is.
C. “Let’s have a picnic lunch in the green fields” is.
D. “Let’s have a picnic lunch in the city” is.
57. Where, in your imagine, is the big tree?
A. It’s in the middle of a beach.	B. It’s in the middle of a hill.
C. It’s in the middle of a beautiful stadium.	D. It’s in the middle of a beautiful green field.
58. What can you imagine doing after meal?
A. We can imagine lying in the darkness.	B. We can imagine lying in the warm sun.
C. We can imagine lying in the bedroom.	D. We can imagine lying in the hotel.
59. What also likes raw fruit?
	A. Dogs also do.	B. Lions also do.
C. Flies also do.	D. Chicken also do.
60. What may follow the sun?
A. The earth may follow the sun.	B. The rain may follow the sun.
C. The cows may follow the sun.	D. people may follow the sun.
I. Rewrite the following sentences using the words provided in such a way that they mean the same as the original sentences. (10 pts)
61. We must pay the bill at once.
=> The bill ____________________________________________________________.
62. Can I turn off the radio?
=> Do you mind if_______________________________________________________?
63. I got up early this morning so that I could catch the first bus. 
=> I got _______________________________________________________________.
64. “Shut the door”, he said to me.
=> He ________________________________________________________________.
65. Nobody in my class is as intelligent as Margret.
=> Margret is ___________________________________________________________.
II. Use the words given to make meaningful sentences. (10 pts)
66. He / explain / rules / then / ask / us / start / the game.
67. The cars / make / China / be / very cheap.
68. you / tidy / bedroom/ yet?
69. What / you / do/ 2 to 5 / yesterday afternoon?
70. The man / sit / over there / be / Nam’s father.
III. Use the words given to make a complete passage. (10 pts)
71. Vietnam’s New Year / be celebrate / according to / the Lunar calendar. 
72. It / be / know / as Tet Nguyen Dan, or Tet. 
73. It / begin / between / January 21st / February 19th.
74. The exact date / change / from year to year. 
75. Vietnamese people / usually / prepare / holiday / several weeks beforehand.
76. They / tidy / houses / cook / special food / clean and make offerings on the family altars. 
77. On the New Year’s Eve / people / sit up to / midnight / see the New Year / in.
78. Then / put on / new clothes / and / give / one another / greetings. 
79. Vietnamese people / believe / how / people / act / during Tet holiday / influence / whole year. 
80. As a result / they / try / avoid / arguments / and / smile / as much / possible.
--- The end ---
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NĂM HỌC 2012 – 2013
A. PHONETICS (5 điểm)
Tổng 5 điểm, mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm
1 - A
2 - C
3 - A
4 - C
5 -B
I. Tổng 20 điểm, mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm
6 - A
7 - D
8 - C
9 - B
10 - A
11 - D
12 - C
13 - C
14 - C
15 - D
16 - B
17 - D
18 - C
19 - C
20 - B
21 - B
22 - A
23 - B
24 - A
25 - A
II. Tổng 5 điểm, mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm
26 - sunny
27- entertainment
28 – dangerously
29 - disappeared
30 - unhealthy
III. Tổng 5 điểm, mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm
31. is (always) losing	32. are being followed	33. have ever seen
34. is going to rain	35. was waiting
IV. Tổng 5 điểm, mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm
36 - D
37 - B
38 - B
39 - D
40 - D
C. READING (30 điểm)
I. Tổng 10 điểm, mỗi câu đúng 1 điểm
41. B
42. C
43. D
44. A
45. A
46. C
47. C
48. A
49. B
50. D
II. Tổng 10 điểm, mỗi câu đúng 2 điểm
51. called
52. was
53. started/began
54. on
55. It
III. Tổng 10 điểm, mỗi câu đúng 2 điểm
56. A
57. D
58. B
59. C
60. B
D. WRITING (30 điểm)
I. Tổng 10 điểm, mỗi câu đúng 2 điểm. 
61. The bill must be paid by us at

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