Đề tham khảo thi tuyển lớp 10

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:

1. A. clean B. reason C. peaceful D. great

2. A. pleased B. raised C. practiced D. closed

3. A. together B. method C. death D. three


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’s daily expenses are just about equalher income. 
A. to 	B. with 	C. at 	D. for
9. Mr. Lam works is this factory, ?
A. does he 	B. doesn’t he 	C. does she 	D. doesn’t she 
10. If Nam were rich, hebuy a bigger house. 
A. can 	B. will 	C. would 	D. should
11. I wish I see her tomorrow. 
A. could 	B. may 	C. will 	D. should
12. She said that she in the hospital. 
A. was 	B. were 	C. is 	D. are
13. Nam often spends free time football. 
A. plays 	B. playing 	C. played 	D. play
14. Mr. Johns likes to watch TVhim, his wife enjoy video films. 
A. However 	B. although 	C. but 	D. unlike
15. They prefer singing
A. to dance 	B. to dancing 	C. than dances 	D. than dancing
16. How did you begin to study it?
A. long 	B. far 	C. long ago 	D. far away
17. Romeo and Juliet killed 
A. himself 	B. herself 	C. themselves 	D. each other
18. The printer is repaired looks OK. 
A. which 	B. who 	C. where 	D. what
19. ”I suggest going by bus. ”
A. That’s a trip. 	B. That’s a reason. 	C. Yes, please. 	D. That’s a good idea. 
20. Mai: We are going to have cable TV soon, aren’t we?
A. Not yet. 	B. Yes, I think so. 	
C. All right 	D. No, we don’t think so. 
21. He has already been as a candidate. 
A. called 	B. remembered 	C. said 	D. nominated
22. The continent of America was after the name of a sailor of the Columbus’s crew. 
A. described 	B. named 	C. missed 	D. behaved
III. Choose the word or phrases (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in the following passage:
There are about 3.000 (23) languages in the world, but only six of them are the most important ones. Two-thirds of the world’s population (24) those languages. More than 400 million people speak English as their mother tongue. Another 400 million speak it is a second language. (25) knows how many people speak it as a (26) language. Chinese is the language with more speakers than English, but it only the language for more than one billion. Chinese people, English is the official language on one-fifth of the land area (27) the world. It is spoken in North America, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. In South Africa and India it is one of the official languages. In many countries, the textbooks in universities are (28) in English. More than three-fourths of the world’s mail is composed in English. More than three-fifths of the radio stations (29) programs in English. More than half of the scientific (30)research journals are in English. English is the language of international communication. 
23. A. live 	B. living 	C. alive 	D. life
24. A. speaks 	B. talks 	C. says 	D. tells
25. A. Someone 	B. Anyone 	C. Everyone	D. No one
26. A. overseas 	B. foreign 	C. abroad 	D. strange
27. A. on 	B. over 	C. through 	D. in 
28. A. writing 	B. written 	C. to write 	D. write
29. A. broadcast 	B. shown 	C. published 	D. released
30. A. but 	B. or 	C. and 	D. yet
IV. Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:
31. They arrived lately, so they didn’t have good seats. 
 A B C D
32. This grammar is too difficult that a child to understand. 
 A B C D
33. The book on physics I bought yesterday is a very interested one. 
 A B C D
34. Two thirds of the food were eaten by the boys yesterday. 
 A B C D
V. Use the correct form of the world given in each sentence:
35. The of their house left them no place to live. 	(destroy)
36. My secretary reads my 	(correspond)
37. Wayne Rooney is a .footballer. 	(promise)
38. The plane disappeared ..	(mysterious)
VI. Read the advertisement and then decide whether the statements that follow are True or False. 
Almost a hundred thousand people were killed and half a million homes destroyed as a result of an earthquake in Tokyo in 1923. The earthquake began a minute before noon when the inhabitants of Tokyo were cooking their midday meals. Thousand of stoves were overturned as soon as the earth began to shake. As a result, small fires broke out everywhere and quickly spread. The fire engines were prevented from going to help because many of the roads had cracked open. It was impossible to use fire fighting equipment as most of the water pipes had burst. Consequently, over ninety percent of the damage was caused by fire rather than by the collapse of buildings. 
39. A hundred thousand people were killed in Tokyo in 1923 because of an earthquake. 
40. The earthquake started a minute before midnight.	 
41. The fire engines were prevented from going to help because most of the water pipes had burst. 	 
42. Over ninety percent of the damage was caused by fine. 	 
VII. Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before them:
43. He smokes too much; perhaps that’s why he can’t get rid of his cough. 
44. Hung studies the best in our class. 
45. ”Have you ever heard about UFOs?”, said the teacher. 
The teacher..
46. The last time she had a swim was five years ago. 
She hasn’t 
Class: 9/
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:
1. A. great 	B. break 	C. cage 	D. heart
2. A. those 	B. thank 	C. there 	D. together
3. A. beloved 	B. disappointed 	C. pleased 	D. intended
II. Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in each sentence:
4. They wanted to visit mosqueTran Hung Dao Street. 
A. on 	B. with 	C. in 	D. at
5. Easter Day young children receive chocolate or sugar eggs. 
A. at 	B. on 	C. in 	D. to 
6. We are interested saving money and natural resources. 
A. in 	B. on	C. for 	D. from
7. In the 2950’, denin became popularyoung people. 
A. of 	B. on 	C. with 	D. about
8. The party is heavily dependentthe decoration for its success. 
A. of 	B. on 	C. in 	D. for
9. Nobody was injured in the accident, ?
A. was there 	B. was he 	C. were they 	D. wasn’t it
10. Saigonmore than three hundred years ago. 
A. was built 	B. has been built 	C. was building 	D. built
11. I wish I there tomorrow morning. 
A. will be 	B. would be 	C. was 	D. were
12. I am going to have an extra room. 
A. to add 	B. add 	C. adding 	D. added 
13. I suggest the idea on the forum for further discussion. 
A. posting 	B. will post 	C. should post 	D. could post
14. Sandra can’t remember the name of the shopshe bought the sofa them. 
A. where 	B. whose 	C. which 	D. what 
15. I’d rather he to the party. 
A. go 	B. goes 	C. is going 	D. went
16. The children volunteer to clean up the local park there are a lot of used cans and trash there. 
A. but 	B. and 	C. as 	D. so
17. How have you been to Hue?
A. often 	B. late 	C. soon 	D. long ago
18. Either John or his brothersthey keys to the car. 
A. has been taken 	B. has taken 	C. have taken 	D. have been taken
19. ”Is your sister better now?” – “”
A. I hope not 	B. I think so, too. 	C. I’m afraid so 	D. I’m afraid not. 
20. ”Would you like to go and visit the museum tomorrow?”-“ . ”
A. That right 	B. I like to see it 	C. You must want it 	D. That would be great.
21. The stream will be with foam. 
A. lasted 	B. composed 	C. replaced 	D. covered
22. We have to our environment to keep it from harm before it’s too late.
A. protest 	B. protect 	C. provide 	D. minimize
III. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in the following passage:
“Are you sure looking (23) a cheap, clean, effective source of power that doesn’t cause (24) or waste natural resources? Look no further (25) solar energy from our sun a present, most of our (26) comes from the use of coal and gas, oil or nuclear power. This power could be provided by the sun. One percent of the solar energy (27) reaches the Earth is enough to provide power for the total population. 
Many countries are already using solar energy. Solar panel are (28) on the roof of a house and the Sun’s energy is used to heat water. The energy can be stored for a (29) of days, so on cloudy days you can use solar energy too. 
Sweden has an advanced solar energy program. There, all building will be heated by solar energy and cars will use solar power instead (30) gas by the year 2015. ”
23. A. up 	B. for	C. after 	D. forward
24. A. preservation 	B. protection 	C. innovation 	D. pollution
25. A. than 	B. as 	C. more 	D. from
26. A. resource 	B. category 	C. appliance 	D. electricity
27. A. whose 	B. where 	C. that 	D. who
28. A. received 	B. covered	C. planted 	D. placed
29. A. few 	B. little 	C. number 	D. lot 
30. A. in 	B. of 	C. for 	D. with
IV. Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:
31. The girl was really impressed by the beautiful of the city. 
 A B C D
32. The story is short enough for she to read in an hour. 
 A B C D
33. I am looking forward to hear from my parents. 
 A B C D
34. Thousand dollars are too much to pay for this computer. 
 A B C D
V. Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence:
35. What do you do to keep the environment ? (pollute)
36. If we go on littering, the environment will becomepolluted. (serious)
37. There are energy.bulbs to save electricity. (save)
38. Many ..say that is the best method to adopt. (environment)
VI. Read the advertisement and then decide whether the statements that follow are True or False. 
Today, when English is one of the major languages in the world, it requires an effort of the imagination to realize that this is a relatively recent thing-that in Shakespeare’s time, for example, only a few million people spoke, and the language was not thought to be very important by the other nations of Europe, and was unknown to the rest of the world. 
English has become a world language because of its establishment as a mother tongue outside England, in all the continents of the world. This exporting of English began in the seventeenth century, with the first settlements in the United States, assisted by massive immigration in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, that has given the English language 

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