Kỳ thi chọn lớp 9 - Vòng tỉnh năm học 2009-2010 môn thi: tiếng anh

Phần I: Chọn từ có phần trọng âm khác vị trí với những từ còn lại.

1. A. answer B. begin C. refuse D. complain

2. A. relationship B. activity C. occasional D. invitation

Phần II: Chọn từ có phần gạch chân phát âm khác với những từ còn lại.

3. A. filled B. destroyed C. wished D. prepared

4. A. humour B. flour C. rumour D. honour

5. A. bath B. watch C. want D. water


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that way, she_______ to pay a large bill.
A. have 	B. has	C. will have	D. would have
11. They are discussing the celebration that is going to _______ this month.
A. hold	B. held 	C. be hold 	D. be held
12. John reminded me _______ his motorbike by 7 o’clock.
A. please return	B. to return 	C. returning 	D. returned
13. The air is polluted _______ there is too much traffic.
A. because	B. but 	C. however 	D. therefore
14. We all like the sticky rice cakes _______ are made by our grandmother.
A. in which 	B. of what 	C. which 	D. things
15. Linda didn’t come to the party because she had to look _______ her younger sister.
A. at	B. after	C. for	D. up
16. They _______ Da Lat when they were young.
A. visited 	B. will visit 	C. visit 	D. have visited
17. We have learned English _______ 2000.
A. in 	B. during 	C. for 	D. since
18. We ______already ______ Huong pagoda.
A. have  visiting	B. were  visiting	C. have  visited	D. will visit
19. I can’t understand the French visitors. I wish I _______ French.
A. know	B. have known 	C. knew 	D. will 
20. The church _______ about 100 years ago.
A. was built 	B. is built 	C. has been built	D. will be build
21. All the house in the area _______ immediately.
A. have to rebuild	B. have to be rebuilt C. had to rebuild 	D. has to rebuilt 
22. If he _______ soon, he might miss the train.
A. doesn’t come	B. isn’t coming 	C. didn’t come 	D. won’t come 
23. She ask me if I ______to school by bicycle every day
A. am going	B go	C. was going	D. went 
24. Mr. Long said that he _________ in Ho Chi Minh city.
A. is living 	B. has lived 	C. lived 	D. will live 
25. Your sister works in a foreign company, _________ she.
A. isn’t	B. doesn’t 	C. wasn’t 	D. didn’t 
26. She like watching the stars _________ night.
A. on	B. for	 	C. in 	 	D. at
27. She asked me if I _________ a laptop computer the following day.
A. buy	 	B. bought 	C. would buy 	D. will buy 
28. You won’t pass the examination _________ you study more.
A. unless 	B. if	 	C. because 	D. but 
29. Come and__________ badminton, Peter
A. make	B. do	C. play 	D. take 
30. James Cameron __________ many famous film and I think his latest “Avatar” is the best.
A. made 	B. has made	C. had made 	D. was making 
31. My interview is __________ April 1st.
A. on	 	B. in	 	C. at	D. to 
32. You should read the instruction __________ before using it.
A. careful	B. carefully 	C. carelessly 	D. careless 
33. When he heard the terrible noise, he asked me what was __________ on.
A. happening 	B. being	C. getting 	D. going 
34. On the __________ to the town, there is a beautiful wood.
A. way 	B. direction 	C. street 	D. entrance 
35. Do you __________closing the door now.
A. want 	B. mind	C. disapprove 	D. refuse 
36. The train will be leaving in five minutes so you __________ hurry up.
A. had	B. should 	C. ought 	D. do
37. Peter, __________ brother is a famous football player, studies very well.
A. having 	B. of whom 	C. whose 	D. that 
38. His father swims very well and __________ does my father.
A. also 	B. so 	C. even 	D. too 
39. They’d__________ go by air than spend a week traveling by train
A. always	B. prefer	C. better 	D. rather 
40. __________ from Dvid, all the students said they would go.
A. Except 	B. Only 	C. Separate 	D. Apart
41. I am very __________ in the information you have given me.
A. concerned 	B. interested 	C. surprised 	D. excited 
42. The students had an __________ canoe trip last weekend.
A. excited 	B. excite 	C. exciting 	D. excitement
43. They said “ Happy birthday” before __________ Lan a present.
A. giving 	B. will give 	C. gave	D. give 
44. Jack “ Would you like to go to the cinema with me tonight?” Mary: __________”
A. Yes, please 	B. Yes, I’d love to 	C. No, thanks 	D. I’m sorry. I’d love to
45. I tried __________, but I missed it
A. catch 	B. catching	C. catch up 	D. to catch 
46. We got used to __________ in the evening.
A. walking	B. walk 	C. to walk 	D. walked 
47. I wish I __________ you some money, but I am broke myself
A. can lend 	B. would lend 	C. could lend	D. will lend 
48. __________ being ill, she still went to class yesterday.
A. Even though 	B. Despite 	C. Because of 	D. Since
49. If I _____rich, I would buy that house.
A. am 	B. was 	C. were 	D. has been 
50. The nam ________you met yesterday is my friend.
A. who 	B. whose 	C. which 	D. whom
Phần IV: Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc. 	
51. I feel as if my head ______________(be) on fire now, doctor.
52. We wish our country ______________(recover) from the bad effects of war soon.
53. He wishes he______________(not, be) asked to tell the bad new yesterday.
54. This afternoon we ______________(have) lunch when theycame in.
55. When you first _______________(come) to this town?
56. Five minus two ________(be) three.
57. When she ________________(arrive)? – Next Sunday.
58. You look tired. You ______________(work) hard?
59. Remember ___________ (lock) the door when you leave.
60. I will never forget_______________ (see) the King.
Phần V: Trong mỗi câu sau đều có một lỗi sai. Hãy gạch chân lỗi sai và viết phần sửa lại vào bên phải. 
61. Because they played very bad, our team lost the the simi-final match.	 (61)_______________
62. The monkey who escaped from the circus has already been caught	 (62) ______________
63. The apartment which they wanted to rent it has twi bedroom	 (63) ______________
64. Most people who lives in Montreal, Canada speak French	(64) _______________
65. I can not speak English perfectly, but if I can I’d apply for that job.	(65) _______________
66. I have got two elder brothers. Neither Jame or David plays tennis.	(66) _______________
67. After said goodbye to my parents, I went to school with my close friends	(67) _______________
68. If I am in your position, I’d think about it differently	(68) _______________
69. We haven’t visited our grandparents when they moved to their new house.	(69) _______________
70. Ancient people thought that the earth is square but actually it is round	 (70) _______________
Phần VI: Tìm dạng thích hợp của những từ cho sẵn để điền vào chỗ trống tương ứng.
71. This course is for ______________who have never leraned English .(begin)
72. She had an unhappy____________, so she really wants to help all the uncared-for children.(Child)
73. Smoking and drinking a lot is an _______________ lifestyle. (health)
74. Life used to be more ______________than now (comfort).
75. This evening was ___________spent in chatting and playing game.
Phần VII: Đọc mẩu quảng cáo sau đây và làm theo yêu cầu
G/F, 149 Pasteur Street
English, German, and Japanese classes in the morning and evening
Places available in beginner/intermediate classes
Courses start November
Please call for further information
Write T if it is true, F if it is false, N if it is not mentioned
They teach English, German, and Japanese here
If you don’t know any English words, you can’t study here
You can begin to study from November 3
There are classes available from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm
If you want to know more information, you can call them at any time
Phần VIII: Đọc kỹ đoạn văn và điền từ cho sẵn vào chỗ trống thích hợp 
working	 doing	 sound	scientific	adults
writers	 universities	 angry	computers	have
Today, computer companies sell many different programs for computers. First, there are programs for (81)_____________ math problems. Second, there are programs for (82) _____________studies. Third, some programs like fancy typewriters. They are often used by (83)______________ and business people. Other programs are made for courses in schools and (84) ______________. And finally, there are programs for fun. They include word games and puzzles for children and (85) ______________.
There are many wonderful new computer programs, but there are other reasons to like (86) __________
. Some people like the way computer hum and sing when when they are (87) ______________ . It is a happy sound, like the sound of toys and childhood. Computers also (88) ______________ lights and pretty pictures. And computers even seem to have personalities. That may (89) ______________ strange, but computers seem to have feelings. Sometimes they seem happy, sometimes they seem (90) ______________. It is easy to think they are like people.
Phần IX: Hãy dùng từ gợi ý để viết lại mỗi câu sau sao cho nghĩa của câu không thay đổi.
91. When did you start learning English?
à How long.
92. The sister asked” Are you hungry, Tom?”
à The sister 
93. A lot of affort has been put in the work by the little girl.
à The little girl
94. Smoking is not allowed in public.
à You must 
95. The work was hard enough for him to ask his friend for some help.
à The work 
==========THE END===========
Từ câu 1 đến câu 90 mỗi câu đúng = 0.2 điểm	Tổng điểm: 18 điểm
Từ câu 91 đến câu 95, mỗi câu đúng = 0.4 điểm	Tổng điểm: 02 điểm
	Tổng cộng : 20 điểm 
 ( giám khảo lưu ý: Không làm tròn số lẻ của tổng điểm)
Phần I, II, III: Chọ đáp án thích hợp.
1.A.	2. D 	3. C	4. B 	5. A 	6. B 	7. B	8. D	9. C	10. C 	11. D	12. B	13. A	14. C	15. B
16. A	17. D	18. C	19. C	20. A	21. B	22. A	23. D	24. C	25. B	26. D	27. C	28. A	29. C	30. B
31. A	32. B	33. D	34. A	35. B	36. A	37. C	38. B	39. D	40. D	41. B	42. C	43. A	44. B	45. D
46. A	47. C	48. B	49. C	50. D
Phần IV. Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc:
51. were	52. would recover	53. had not been	54. were having	55. Did you first come
56. is	57. will she arrive	58. have you been working	59. to lock	60. seeing
Phần V: Trong mỗi câu sau đều có một lỗi sai. Hãy gạch chân lỗi sai và viết phần sửa lại vào bên phải. 
61. Because they played very bad, our team lost the the simi-final match.	 	badly
62. The monkey who escaped from the circus has alre

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