Giáo án Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 - Chương trình cả năm - Năm học 2010-2011

 PERiod 2: Unit 1: My friends

 lesson 1 : Getting started + Listen and read

I / Aims: By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know more about Hoa LAN _ Nine and read the dialogue for details and review simple present and simple past tenses .

II / Language content

-New words

-Grammar: Simple present tense.

-Structure: (not) Adj + enough +to V

III / Teaching aids : Text books , cards , cassette , chalk .

IV / Procedure :

Teacher’s activities Students, activities

1 / Warm up : Pelmanism

meet come live think send thought

receive met lived received came sent

- Remark and lead in new lesson .

2 / Presentation :

a. Pre- reading

*) Pre- teach vocabulary : Introduce the aims and some new words

- to seem ( translation )

- a next door neighbor : a person who lives next to your house

- to look like ( translation )

* Checking vocabulary : Rub out and remember

*) Pre- questions

- Give Ss some questions and ask them to work in pairs to answer them

1. Is Nien Lan ‘s friend or Hoa,s friend ?

2. How old is Nien ?

3. Where does Nien live ?

4. Is she a beautiful girl ?

b. While – reading :

- Turn on the tape 2 times and ask them to read the dialogue between Hoa , Lan and Nien . Then check if their answers are correct or not

Answers :

1. She is Hoa,s friend .

2. She is 12 years old .

3. She lives in Hue .

4. Yes , she is .

3/ Practice

- Ask Ss to read the dialogue again and answer the questions in exercise 2 / page 11

- Have them work in pairs to answer the questions

- Call on some pairs to demonstrate in front of class and correct their mistakes or pronunciation .

- Correct and give feedback :

a) She lives in Hue

b) No , she does not .

c) The sentence is “ She was not old enough to be in my class. “

d) At Christmas

- Ask them to work in open pairs to practice asking and answering the questions and the dialogue .

* Gap filling

- Ask Ss to use the present simple and simple past tense to complete the paragraph , using some verbs : live – send – be – come

 Hoa . in Hue last year , but now she .in Ha Noi . Yesterday , Hoa ,s friend Nien . Hoa a letter . Nien . Hoa, neighbor when Hoa lived in Hue . She . younger than Hoa . She . to Ha Noi in December .

- Get Ss to work individually and then compare their answers with their partners .

- Give feedback

lived – lives – sent – was – is - comes

- Call on some Ss to read the completed paragraph in front of class .

4/ Consolidation

- Ask Ss to write a paragraph about Hoa and Lan .

- Give Ss some cues and ask them to use the simple present or past tense to write individually .

* Cues :

a. Lan / Hoa,s best friend

b. They / same class / Quang Trung School .

c. Last year / Hoa / to school first time .

d. Lan / show / round / introduce / to new friends .

- Let Ss discuss with their partners .

- Choose some answers and correct them in front of the class .

5 / Home work :

1. Rewrite all the answers and complete paragraph on their notebooks .

2. Do Exercise 1, workbook .

3. Prepare the next lesson .

Work in groups


Listen and write down .



Listen and repeat in chorus and individually

Guess its meanings

Copy down



Play game in whole class.


Work in pairs








Listen carefully




Repeat all the correct answers and copy down



Work in pairs



Demonstrate in front of class.







Practice asking and answering the questions and the dialogue .





Complete the paragraph individually .








Read the complete paragraph aloud





Write a paragraph about Hoa , Lan







Demonstrate in front of class .



Listen and copy



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phoned each other
along time.
 d) I've read this novel 2 hours
 e) We have known him some years.
IV/ Remember
- Teacher repeats the form of present perfect tense.
- Teacher repeats the structures of comparative and superlative adj.
-Group work: 2 groups
- Representative of each group shows in front of the class.
Short adj Long adj
Clean	 Beautiful
Cheap Comfortable
Tall Expensive
Short Intelligent 
Clever Difficult
(+) S + have/ has + PII + O
(-) S + have/ has + not + PII + O
(?) Have/ Has + S + PII +O?
- S + be (not) as + adj + as
 Nam is as tall as Ba.
- S + be (not) the same as that bag
- S + be + short adj + er + than.
 More + long adj
Hoa is more beautiful than Lan
- S + be + the short adj +est+.
 the Most + long adj.
He is the most intelligent boy in his class.
- Do exercises
 a) stared
 b) have known
 c) have not seen
 d) moved
 e) Has Peter been
 a) as expensive as
 b) larger
 c) the most beautiful 
 d) longer
 e) the tallest
- Group work
 a) since
 b) since
 c) for
 d) for
 e) for
-Listen and remember.
 Ngµy 14 / 12 / 2009
 Preparing date: 15 / 12/ 2009
 week 18
 Period 52 REVISION 
	A / Aims and Objectives
 - Revise writing skill
	+ Writing the letter
	+ Writing a message
	+ Writing a notice
 B/ Language content
 - Revise vocabulary
 - The order of the letter.
 C/ Teaching aids: sub- board
 D/ Teaching method: work in pairs, work in individually
 E/ Procedure
 Teacher's activities
 Students' activities
I/ Warm up
Arrange the order of the letter
Opening	Heading
Date Writer's address
Closing Body of the letter
II/ Consolidation and Practice
1. Consolidation: Grammar
 Teacher has students repeat
 -The order of the letter
 - Notice
 - Message 
2. Practice
Practice 1: Make complete sentences from the words below:
 a) He/ be/ not/ sociable/ as/ his brother.
 b) We/ enjoy/ tell/ jokes.
 c) I/ used/ collect/ stamps/ when/ be/ child.
 d) He/ work/ that company/ 6 years.
 e) What/ you/use/ do/ last year?
Practice 2: Write a letter to Nhan, using the words given.
Dear Nhan,
- It/ be/month/ since/ I/ write/ you
- And we/ not meet/ or see/ each other/ three months
- Now/ here/ be/ suggestion/ I/ be/ happy/ make
- You/ come/ here/ me/ this weekend?
- Please/ write/ back/ me/ soon/ possible.
Your friend,
III/ Further practice
- T hangs sub-board and asks to do exercise
 Use these suggested words to write a complete passage
 This is our living room
 1) There/ some beautifulpictures/ wall.
 2) Middle/ room/ table/ 4 chairs.
 3) Lighting fixture/ above/ table
 4) TV/ to the right/ window/ near/table. 
IV/ Remember
 Teacher repeat the outline of the message and the letter.
V/ Homework
 Revise Unit 1 Unit 8
- Arrange the order of the letter
1. Heading
- Writer's address
- Date
2. Opening
3. Body of the letter
4. Closing
a) Thanh Cong delivery service
 Taken by
b) Heading
 Body of the letter
c) Notice
 Date Time
 Please contact
- Do exercise
a) He is not as sociable as his brother.
b) We enjoy telling jokes.
c) I used to cellectstamps when I was a child.
d) He has worked for that company for 6 years.
e) What did you use to do last year?
Dear Nhan,
It is a month since I write to you.
We haven't met or seen each other for three months.
Now here is a suggestion that I'm happy to make
Will you come here with me this
Please write back to me as soon as possible.
Your friend
- There are some beautiful pictures on the wall
- In the middle of the room there is a table and four chairs
- The lighting fixture is above the table.
- The TV is to the right of the window and near the table.
-Listen and remember.
	 Preparing date: 15 / 12/ 2009
 Period 53 The first semester test 
A / Aims and Objectives : Students will be able to summarize the basic knowledge they have learnt to do the test well 
B / Teaching aids : Test paper , chalk , board ..
C / Test 
- Deliver the test paper to students .
I / Complete these sentences with the suitable words or phrases in the brackets 2,0 Ps 
1 . We must be there( at /before/ between /after )7. 30 and 8 . 15 
2. Vietnamese language is different ( as/like / from /with ) English language .
3. She told me ( giving / to give /gave ) you this present .
4. Jane is( as/ like /the most / more ) beautiful than her sister .)
5 . Mary likes( playing/ plays /played /play )the piano . 
6. When my uncle was young , he used ( go/ went /going/ to go ) fishing on Sundays 
7. He ( left / has left / leaves ) for London a year ago . 
 8. I have known her ( since / for / at / in ) three years . 
II / Complete the conversation : ( 2,0 Ps )
A : Can I help you ? 
B : I would like  this parcel to Hanoi 
A : Do you want to send it airmail or surface mail ? 
B : I am not sure . .. is airmail ? 
A : I will have .. the parcel first . Well , two kilograms . That will be 9,000 dong 
B : That is not very cheap . But airmail . 
A : All right . 
III / Supply the correct tense form of the verbs in the brackets : ( 2,0 Ps ) 
1. They ( live ) ... in Hanoi for 20 years . 
2. My aunt ( not go ) .. out of her house since she ( buy ). a color TV 
3. The film ( begin ) 7. 30 pm tonight . 
IV/ Read the passage carefully . Then answer the questions below : ( 2,0 Ps )
 Chiang Mai is a city in Thailand that has a wonderful night market . In the evening , the main street is lined with small stands and shops that sell almost anything you can imagine . Some stands sell jewelry or clothing , others sell traditional Thai crafts and still others sell fresh fruit and species . It is easy to spend an entire evening just looking at everything . If you decide to buy something , you will not be disappointed The prices are very reasonable . There are a lot of wonderful attractions in Chiang Mai , but the night market is a favorite for many people . 
1. Where is Chiang Mai ? 
2. What is Chiang Mai famous for ? 
3. What can you buy in some stands in Chiang Mai ? 
4. Are the prices expensive ? 
V / Listening comprehension : You are going to listen twice . Check (v) the correct box for True or False : ( 2,0 Ps ) 
1. Ba is younger than Lan 
2. Lan is shorter than her brother 
3. Both Ba and Lan go to school in the morning 
4. They love pop music , reading novels .
5. They do not lke playing chess and going swimming in summer . 
6. Ba likes watching war films on TV 
 The end
	Ngµy 21 / 12 / 2009
The second semester
 WEEK 21	 Preparing date:05/ 01/ 2010
	 Period 54 	A Unit 9
first aids course
 Lesson 1 : Getting started 
 Listen and read 
A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know what they would do in the situations which require first - aid
B/ Language content
	nose bleed, bee sting, emergency, ambulance, conscious, cut one’s head.
C/ Teaching aids : 
Text book , cassette , pictures , gap fill chart , drawing ..
D/ Procedure : 
Work arrangement
I / Warm up : Kim,s game ( Getting started )
- Ask Ss to open their books and look at the things on page 80 for 20 seconds . Tell them these things are often used for first - aid
- Divide the class into two groups .
- Ask Ss to close their books and go t6o the board to write the names of the things they have just seen from memory .
- Tell them the group having the most right English words is the winner 
- Have them open the books again and go through the words in English . 
Suggested answers :
 1. emergency room 2. sterile dressing 
3. medicated oil 4. ice 5. water pack 6. alcohol
- Have them discuss and write down what they would do in these situations which require first – aid 
- Call on some groups to give their answers and correct 
Possible answers : 
+ A girl has a burn on her arm -> Use cold water / ice to ease the pain 
+ A boy has a bad cut on his leg -> Use alcohol / medicated oil / sterile dressing 
+ A girl has a nose bleed -> Use a handkerchief to stop the bleeding / tell her to lie down . 
+ A boy has a bee sting -> Use medicated oil 
II/ Presentation :
 Introduce the topic of the passage reading and some new words .
- (an) ambulance -> drawing 
- (an) emergence = cap cuu , tinh trang khan cap
- unconscious (adj) >< conscious (adj) 
- to bleed -> the bleeding 
-> Ask Ss to copy the vocabulary in their notebooks 
* Checking technique: Slap the board 
( Put the new words in Vietnamese on the board )
- Hang the chart with the paragraph on the board .
 There was an emergency at Lan,s school . A student ..(1). off her bike and hit her head on the road . She was ..(2). but she cut her head and the .(3). was (4).. badly . Lan telephoned Bach Mai Hospital and asked the nurse to send an (5).. to Quang Trung School . Lan was asked to keep the student ..(6). while waiting for the ambulance . 
- Ask Ss to predict the words in the gaps 
- Call on some Ss to go to the board and write their words 
III / Practice 
- Have Ss open their books , listen to the tape while reading the dialogue , then check their predictions 
- Give feedback 1. fell 2. conscious 3. cut 
 4. bleeding 5. ambulance 6. awake 
* Comprehension questions 
- Ask Ss to read the dialogue again and select the topic covered in the dialogue .
- Have Ss work in groups to write their answers on a sheet of paper and hand in after finishing .
- Collect Ss , papers and give feedback : a- b- c- e- f 
IV / Further practice : 
- Have Ss in turn play the roles to demonstrate the dialogue .
- Ask Ss to write a story using the information from the dialogue .
- Tell Ss to begin their story with : 
 “ Yesterday there was an emergency at . “ 
- Monitor and help Ss with their work 
V / Homework : 
1. Let Ss do the exercises in the workbook (1,2 / 55 )
2. Prepare the next lesson . 
Whole class 
Team work 
Whole class 
Group work of 4/5 Ss 
T – Ss 

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