Giáo án tiếng Anh 8 (cả năm)

I. Objectives:

- To give ss further practice: Past simple tense, simple future, comparative and superlative of long adjs, adverbs of manner, exclamations

- Skill: + Target skill : speaking

 + Other skills : Reading, writing, listening

- Main teaching points: To help ss improve the structures above

- By the end of the lesson ss will be able to improve their knowledge and do exercises fluently

II. Teaching aids:

- Teacher: Teacher’s book, lesson plan

- SS : Textbook, school things

III. Procedures:


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 Monitor and help Ss with the tense forms.
- Call on some Ss give their answers and correct
- Ask Ss to read the whole letter and check if their predictions are right or not.
- Correction.
Answer Key:
1. False ® Flowers (not cansy) 2. True
3. False ® at her house (not at the hospital)
4. True
False ® at her house (not at the hospital)
*While-Writing: Questions and Answers
- Tell Ss they are going to write a thank-you note to a friend and invite him / her to go on a picnic with them.
- Put the poster with the questions (page 85) on the board.
What did your friend give / send you?
On what occasion?
What was / were it / they like?
How did you feel when you received the present?
How do you feel now?
Do you want to invite your friend to somewhere?
If so, then when?
How will you contact your friend?
- Ask some Ss to answer the questions orally.
- Have Ss practice seeking to each other
- Monitor and correct
- Ask Ss to join the sentences in to a paragraph (not put any numbers, eg:1, 2, 3…) to make it a thank - you note.
- Tell Ss to write their letters on a sheet of paper to hand in or in their exercise notebooks.
* Post-writing:	Exhibition:
- Divide the class into 4 groups and choose a letter randomly in each group
- Ask 4 groups to copy 4 chosen letters on posters then put them on the board
- Compare the posters and correct.
- Call on some more Ss to read their letters for the class (if possible)
- Give feedback and correct.
- Ask Ss to use the same format to write another letter to another friend for another occasion.
- Let Ss do the exercises in the workbook page
4. Consolidation: 5,
Ask SS to use the same format to write another letter to another friend for another occasion
5-Homework :3,
 Do the exercises in the workbook on page
 Prepare the next lesson Unit 9 Language focus
 Date of planning: 10/01/2013 
 Date of teaching: 12/01/2013
PERIOD 60	.Lesson 6 :Language focus (p 86 )
- After the lesson, Ss can use in order to and so as to to indicate purpose
- Ss can use modal “Will” to make and respond to requests, offers, an promises .
- Skills developed : Speaking, reading, and writing .
T- Textbook , T’s plan 
Ss : Textbooks and notebooks
III-Teaching process:
1-Class organization:2,
2-Oral test:
Homework correction
3-New lesson:35,
A- Warm up. 
- Play the game : Completing sentences.
- Devide Ss into two groups . Group 1 write incompleted sentence, group 2 go on writing , using to do or for doing to express the purpose. 
. B. In order to/ So as to.
B-Presentation .
* Give example.
 I always keep the window open in order to let the fresh air in.
 - Ask the Ss to give the form.
In order to/ So as to / To : Express the purpose.
- Ask Ss to work in group to do the exercise 1 p 86. 
- Ask two Ss to write on the BB the sentences. The rest do orally.
 -Give the correct answer.
1-f, 2-c, 3-b, 4-e ,5 –a , 6- d.
* Production.
-Ask the Ss to do more exercise( orally ): 
1 . He went to Ha Noi. He wanted to meet his grandmother.
2.My sister studies E. She wanted to work for a foreign company.
3. She get up early. She wanted to go to class on time.
*. Future simple.
- Ask Ss to give the form and the use of the simple future.
(+) S + will/ shall + V + O.
(- ) S + will not / shall not + V + O
(? ) Will/ Shall + S + V + O ?
- Ask Ss to do the exercise 2 (p 86 ) . work in pairs 
- Ask Ss to go to the BB to do . The rest do orally.
Exercise 2.
 Ba: What time will Aunt Mai be here ?
 Mrs Nga: She will be here in two hours.
 Ba: Will Uncle Sau be with her ?
Mrs Nga : No, he won,t. He has to stay in Ho Chi Minh city.
 Ba: Shall I come to the Airport with you ?
Mrs Nga: O K , It will be a nice trip for us both.
Ba: I,ll be ready in two hours
*Will make requests, offers, promises.
Give the examples.
 Will you open the window for me ?
Shall I close the window ?
 I promise , I will do it better next time.
Ask Ss to work in pairs to use the pictures to complete the dialogues on (page 87).
. Mrs Tuyet: Will you give it to me , please ?
c . Mrs Tuyet ; Will you answer the phone ?
d. Nga: Will you turn on the TV, please Nga?
e. Mrs Tuyet : Will you pour a grass of water for me ?
 - Ask Ss to read the sentences infront the rest.
. Will you pain the door , please ?/ I will pain the door this afternoon.
.Will you study harder, please ?/ I will study harder.
Will you carry the bag for me ?/ Shall I carry the bag for you ?
 Will you hang the washing please?/ 
Will you cut the grass , please ?/ I will cut the grass for you ?
4-Consolidation :5,
 	Ask Ss to retell the main content of the lesson: future simple
5-Home work :3,
Do exercises in the workbook
Prepare new lesson Unit 10 Getting started & Listen and read
 Week22 Date of planning: 29/01/2012
 Date of teaching: 31/01/2012
 UNIT10:	Recycling
PERIOD 61	 Lesson 1: Getting started-Listen & Read(P.89,90)
After the lesson Ss will be able to do something to protect the environment and save natural resources
Skills developed : Speaking , reading and listening
T-Textbook, pictrure , cassette player and tape
Ss – Notebooks and textbooks
III-Teaching process: Posters, 6 flashcards, a chart, cassette
Class organization
2-Oral/ Written test:
3-New lesson:
A. Getting started:
- Draw the circle with an example on the board.
Use tree leaves to make fertilizer
	Ways to reduce the
	amount of garbage
Reuse plastic bags
- Ask Ss to think of ways to reduce the amount of garbage they produce.
- Deliver posters to Ss, dividing them into 4 groups
- Tell Ss to put the posters on the board after they finish and the team having the most good ideas is the winner.
- Give feedback.
Possible answers:
Use cloth bags, use tree leaves to wrap things, make garbage in to fertilizer, make vegetable matter into animal food.
B. Listen and read:
- Elicit words from Ss
1. (a) representative 	(translation)( ng­êi ®¹i diÖn, tiªu biÓu) (tiªu biÓu,®iÓn h×nh)
2. (to) protect (to keep so / sth safe from danger) ® (to) protect (so / sth) from (so / sth)
3. Natural resource (s) (translation / explanation)
(coal mines(má than), oil / gold / mineral deposits are..)
4. (to) recycle 	(to make something already used able to be used again)
5. (to) contact	(translation / definition)
(to communicate with someone by telephone or letter.
Checking : Jumbled words
- Stick 6 flashcards with jumbled words on the board.
	1	2	3
	4	5	6
Answer Key:
1. contact	2. representative	3. resource
4. natural	5. protect	6. Recycle
*True / False Predictions
- Ask Ss to listen to the situation
- Set the scene:
A representative from friends of the Earth, Miss Blake, is talking to the students of Quang Trung School. Friends of the Earth shows people how to protect the environment and save natural resources.
- Put the chart with the statements on the board.
- Ask Ss to work in pairs to decide if the statements are true or false.
- Write the Ss’ guesses on the board (only one guess for each statement)
True or False?
Friends of the Earth is an organization to help people make friends with each other.
Miss Blake asks the Ss to remember 3 things reduce, reuse recycle.
Reduce means buying the products which are over packed.
We cannot reuse things like envelopes, glass, plastic bottles, old plastic bags.
Miss Blake says that we should use cloth bags and shouldn,t use plastic bags at all.
Recycling means not just throwing things away but trying and finding another use for them.
* While-reading: 
-Ask Ss to open their books, listen to the tape while reading the dialogue.
- Call on Ss to correct the false statements
Answer Key:
1. False. ® an organization to help people
	protect the environment and save natural resources
2. True
3. False ® Reduce means not buying………
4. False ® We can reuse things ……....
5. True
6. True
*Comprehension Questions
- Ask Ss to look at the questions on page 90 and work in pairs,
- Monitor and help Ss with their work.
- Call on some pairs to ask and answer the questions.
- Give feedback
Answer Key:
Reduce means not buying products which are over packed.
We can reuse things like envelopes, glass, plastic bottles and old plastic bags.
Recycle means not just throwing things away. Try and find another use for them.
We can look for information on recycling things by having a contact with an organization like Friends of the Earth, going to the local library or asking your family and friends.
(Students’ answers)
(Possible answer: We shouldn’t use plastic bags because when we throw them away, they could stay very long and could not be self-destroyed / self demolished)
*Post-reading: Discussion
- Write the topic on the board
How to protect our environment?
- Ask Ss to express their opinions / ideas on this topic.
- Write the Ss’ ideas on the board into a list
- Give feedback, correct and have Ss copy.
4. Consolidation:
- Write the questions and full answers in your exercise notebooks.
- Do the exercises in the Workbook 
5. Homework:
-Write the questions and full answers in your exercises books
-Do the exercises in the workbook on page.
 Date of planning: 15/01/2013 
 Date of teaching: 18/01/2013
UNIT 10: Recycle
Period 62 -63.Lesson 2-3 :Speak and Listen(P.90-91)
Ss can give and respond to instructions.
Materials: Textbook
Equipment : Picture (copied from textbook, P.91), a mapped dialogue chart, realia (clothes), cassette.
III-Teaching process:
1- Class organization
2-Oral/ Written test
3-New lesson:
A. Warm up:
* Memory game (Kim,s game)
- Show the picture to the Ss and ask them to observe it carefully, let them look at the picture for about 20’’then put it away.
- Divide the cl

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