Giáo án Tiếng Anh 8

I. Obiectives: Teacher helps students know how to learn foreign language . Students will be able to understand and use some notes which they will learn in each period .

II. Procedures:


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v) underline highlight (v)
 come across (v) (v) stick
III Techniques:
 Chatting, Brainstorming, survey, slap the board
IV Teaching aids: 
 Text book, sub-board, cards
V Procedures:
Teacher and students’ activities
1. Warm up 
Teacher asks students some questions about their English learning
Ss answer th questions
Teacher can give marks
2. Pre-reading (12’)
Teacher presents and explains new words
Students listen, repeat and copy
Teacher holds class to play “ slap the board”
Teacher asks Ss to work in pairs to make a list of the ways how a language learner can learn new words
Teacher asks Ss to read the statements on page 50 then read the text and decide which is true and which is false
Students work in pairs
3. While- reading (15’)
Teacher gives feedback 
T asks Ss worl in pairs to answer the question
Teacher asks Ss to practice asking and answering questions in open pairs and close pairs
4 Post – reading (10’)
Teacher asks Ss to report about their group
5 Homework
 Marks (5’)
Do you like learning English ?
How many new words do you try to learn a day ?
What do you do when you read a new word ?
How do you learn/ remember new words?
Ø Vocabulary
Mother tongue (n)
Underline (v)
Highlight (v)
Come across (v)
Stick (v)
î Slap the board
" Brainstorming
learn by heart translate it into mother
Ways language learners learn new words
 learn through write it on a small
example sentences
 piece of paper & stick everywhere in house
1. True / False statements
All language learners write to the meaning of the new words in their mother tongue
Some learners write examples of the words they want to learn
Every learner tries to learn all the new words they come across
Many learners only learn the new words that are important
Ñ Answer 
a. F b .T c. F d. T
2. Comprehension questions
No, they learn words in different ways
Because they help them to remember the use of new words
They write examples, put the words and their meaning on stickers, underline or highlight them
They may thing they can’t do so. Instead they learn only important words.
Revision is necessary in learning words
Learners should try different ways of learning words to find out what is the best
J Survey
Ways of learning words
Make a list of words, their meanings and learn them by heart
Write sample sentences with new words
Stick new words somewhere in the house
Underline or highlight the words
Read stories in English
Learn words though songs
Write the ways of the learning words that you think are the best for you
Do exercise in workbook
Prepare: Lesson 4 Write 1,2
Date of planning: 29/10/2013
Date of teaching: 01 /11/2013 UNIT 5 : STUDY HABITS
Period 29: Unit 5 : Lesson 4 Write
 I. Aim and Objectives:
 By the end of the lesson, students will be able to know the format of a friendly letter and practice writing a letter to friend
II. Language contents:
Grammar: none
Vocabulary: lunar(a), New Year Festival, enjoyable (a), celebrate (v)
III. Techniques: 
 Chatting, ordering, labeling
IV. Teacher aids: 
 Textbook, pictures
 V. Procedures:
Teacher and Ss’ activities
1.Warm up (3’):
Teacher asks Ss some questions dealing with writing letters
2, Pre- writing (15’)
Teacher presents new words and explains
Ss listen, repeat and copy
T holds class to play “ Rub out and Remember”
T asks Ss to put the parts of the letter in the correct order
Practice in pairs
T asks Ss to read the letter on page 51 to check their order
Teacher asks Ss to label each section with the correct letter
Teacher asks Ss to work in pairs and answer some questions
Teacher asks Ss to practice asking and answering questions
3. While writing (20’)
T asks Ss to have to imagine they are Lan and write a letter to her penpal Donna in Sans Francico using the given information
Ss write individually
Teacher controls the class and helps Ss if necessary
4. Post – writing (5’)
Teacher asks Ss to read aloud their letters and correct the mistakes
5. Homework (2’)
– Chatting:
.Have you ever written to someone ?
.To whom do you usually wirte ?
.What do you open write about ?
î New words:
Lunar New Year Festival 
Enjoyable (a)
Celebrate (v)
Ø Rub out and Remember
a.opening 	d.Body of the letter
b.closing 	e.signature
c.the date 	f.writer’s address
1f.writer’s address 	4d.Body of the letter
2c.The date 	5b.closing
3a.opening 	6e.signature
: Labeling: B, D, A, C
Ò Comprehension questions
Who wrote the letter ? To whom ? 
(Hoa wrote a letter to Jim, her penpal)
What are there in the heading ?
(Writer’s name and the date)
What is the main part of the letter ? (the body) 
What did Hoa receive a few days ago ?
(her first semester report)
Is Hoa good at Math ? No, she isn’t
Exercise 2 on page 51 / textbook
Ñ Answers
15 Thanh Giong street,
HaNoi, June 10th, 2004
Dear Donna,
 Thanks for your letter. I’m glad to hear you had an happy Mother’s Day. We received our second semester report last month. I got good grades for Geography, Physics and Math but my English and History results were poor. My teacher advises me to improve English and History. I think I have to study harder next school year
 In a few weeks, we’re going to celebrate the mid Autumn festival. That is an Autumn moon festival in Vietnam. This afternoon, I’m going to Ha Long Bay with my aunt and uncle by bus and I’m going to stay there with them until the festival comes. I’ll send you a postcard from there
Write soon and tell me all your news
- Write a letter to your friend.
- Prepare for next period
Date of planning: 30/10/2013
Date of teaching: 02 /11/2013 UNIT 5 : STUDY HABITS
Period 30: Unit 5: Lesson 5 Focus 1,3,4
I. Aim and objectives: 
 By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to use adverbs of manner and modal “Should” as an advice
II. Language contents:
Grammar: Adverbs of manner, model verb: should
Vocabulary: Review vocabulary
 III. Techniques:
 IV. Teaching aids: 
 Textbook, ten cards
V. Procedures
Teacher & Ss’ activities
1.Warm up (3’)
T prepares ten cards with numbers 1-->10 on one side and the adjectives/ adv on the other
Mix the adj/ adv. Stick them on the blackboard so that they can see the numbers
Divide class into two teams and ask them to choose two numbers if they match soft – softly they have 1 mark
Teacher sets the scene “use any word from the game Pelmanism to complete the following sentences
Teacher helps Ss distinguish the use of adjectives / adverbs
Teacher writes the form and use on the board
Students write down carefully
3. While
Teacher asks Ss to work in pairs to do their exercise (textbook)
Students practice
Teacher gives the keys
T asks Ss to practice the exchange in pairs
Students make sentences
Teacher introduces Tim’s mother and Tim’s teacher by drawing their faces
They are talking about Tim’s study
Teacher asks Ss to complete the dialogue between them
Ss practice the dialogue in pairs
T introduces Tim and his mother
They are at home and talking about what Miss Jackson said
T asks a student to give form
Teacher asks Ss to work in pairs to do exercise 3
T calls some students to practice in pairs and correct their pronunciation
T asks Ss to works with their partners to do exercise 4/ page 53
Students practice in pairs and T corrects their pronunciation
5. Homework: (5’)
ex: Lan has a (1) voice and she usually speaks (2)
answers: (1) soft (adj)
 (2) softly (adv)
Form: S + V + a/ an + adj + Noun
 Or S + be + Adj
 S + V + adv
*Adj: modifies the noun after it/ the subject
*Adv: modifies the verb of the sentences
*Language focus 1
Complete the dialogue, use the adverbs of manner in the box
Language focus 3 / Page 53
Form: to ask / tell + someone + to do something
a/ Miss Jackson asked me to wait for her outside her office
b/ Miss Jackson told me to give you your report card for this semester
c/ Miss Jackson told me to help you with your Spanish pronunciation
d/ Miss Jackson asked me to meet her next week
Language focus 4/ Page 53
a/ Miss Jackson said you should spend more time on Spanish pronunciation
b/ Miss Jackson said you should practice speaking Spanish every day
c/ Miss Jackson said you should listen to Spanish conversation on TV
d/ Miss Jackson said you should practice reading aloud passages in Spanish
e/ Miss Jackson said you should use this dictionary to find out how to pronounce
Spanish words
T asks Ss to write 5 sentences , using reported speech
Ss write on the cards
T corrects and give marks if which group works well
- Review commands, requests and advice to Reported Speech
- Do exercises 6, 7 in workbook
- Prepare: Unit 6: Listen and read
Date of planning: 03/11/2013
Date of teaching: 07 /11/2013 
Period 31: Lesson 1: Listen and read
 + Language focus (2)
 I. Aim and objectives: 
 At the end of the lesson, students will be able to use simple present to introduce some activities of the Y &Y organization and understand the dialogue
 II. Language contents: 
Vocabulary:	enroll (v) 	outdoor activities
	application form (n) 	fill out 	acting (n)
Grammar: none
 III. Techniques: 
 Brainstorming, chatting, rub out and remember, survey
IV. Teaching aids: 
 Cards, tape
V. Procedures:
Teacher and Ss’ activities
1. Warm up (5’) 
Teacher asks Ss to think of the activities of the Y and Y programs used to do
2. Presentation (10’)
Teacher introduces new words
Ss repeat and say meaning
Then copy
3. Practice (15’)
T sets the scene: “ Nga is a student in . grade 8.She wants to enroll in the activities for the summer”
Before listening to the tape, T gives two questions
Ask Ss to listen and read the dialogue at the

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