Đề giao lưu Olympic môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 - Năm học 2018-2019 - Trường THCS Nam Sách (Có đáp án)

1. What was the weather like when the holiday began?

A. Raining B. Sunny C. Cloudy

2. What did Peter buy today?

A. A T - Shirt B. Jeans C. A hat

3. How far is it to the beach?

A. 5 kilometers B. 10 kilometers C. 7 kilometers

4. What will Tim and his dad play today?

A. Fooball B. Golf C. Tennis

5. What does the woman want?

A. A coffee B. A bill C. A menu


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	A. worked	B. will work	C. working	D. has worked
10. Hoan: “Could you help me, please?” – Nick: “___________”
A. Congratulation	B. Good idea	C. Certainly	D. No, please do 
11. Would you mind if I_________ your bike?
	A. use	B. using	C. am using	D. used
12. We had to cancel the match ___________the bad weather. 
	A. because	B. because of	C. so	D. and
13. Tom and James stood in front of the mirror and looked at ___________.
	A. herself	B. himself	C. theirselves	D. themselves
14. Tuyet is the ___________ of the three girls. 
	A. prettier	B. prettiest	C. pretty	D. prettily
15. My father always drives ___________. He is a ___________driver.
	A. careful - carefully	 B. carefully - carefully	
C. carefully - care	D. carefully - careful	
16. Hung is ___________to ride a bike to school.
A. not old enough	B. old not enough	
C. enough old not	D. enough not old
17. Johnson: “I need a favor.” - Ha: “_________________”
A. What do you need?	B. Thank you. I’m fine.	
C. What do you like?	D. What can I do for you?
18. The man ___________ by the windows is my uncle.
A. sitting 	B. sits 	C. sit 	D. sat 
19. We are taking a ___________to Ha Long Bay next weekend.
	A. two-day trip	B. two-days trip	C. two day trip	D. two-day trips
20. My friend showed me how ___________ to the market.
A. to go B. going	C. go D. went
II. Give the correct form of the words in brackets. (5 points)
1. You mustn’t be _________when you cross the road. (CARE)
2. The _________are scheduled to take off at 11.00 and 11.45.  (FLY)
3. What is the correct ________ of this word? (PRONOUNCE) 
4. _________, I broke the vase. (FORTUNATE) 
5. A fairy appeared and _________changed Miss Tam’s ragsinto beautiful clothes. (MAGIC)
III. Each sentence below contain an error among the 4 underlined parts. Find it. (5 points)
1. She said that she must go then.
 A B C D
2. The United States, unlike many another countries, receives a large number of 
 A B C
 immigrants yearly from all over the world.
3. At summer camp last year children swam, rode horses, and were playing baseball.
 A B C D
4. He is working hardly to get a good education now because he hopes to get a good job later.
	 A B C D
5. They showed me where did I left my luggage.
 A B C D
C. Reading.	
I. (5pts) What does each text say? Choose the correct explanation A, B or C.
From 17 September please use the new Ticket Office
This ticket office will close on 16 September
This ticket office will be closed for one day.
The new ticket office is now open.
There will be 2 ticket offices after 17 September
Switch this printer off at the back.
Do not take the back cover off the printer until 
it is turned off.
Do not touch the switch at the back of this printer.
Cover this printer up before you switch it on.
Latecomers must sit at the back. 
Latecomers must wait on the stairs. 
If you are late, you must use a different 
If you are late, you must go back to the entrance.
ABC University
There are some parking spaces available for visitors. Please ask at reception.
 Visitors are requested to park outside 
the reception area.
Please tell reception where you have 
parked your car.
Visitors who wish to park should ask 
at reception
Details of parking for students are 
available from the reception. 
We can train you to work here.
We are not open today because of staff training.
The shop is run by trained staff.
The shop will open at 9.30 today.
II. (10pts) Read the following passage and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space.
Everyone wants to reduce pollution. But the pollution problem is as complicated (1)__________it is serious. It is complicated because much (2)__________is caused by things that benefit people. For example, exhaust (3)_________automobiles causes a large percentage of all air pollution. (4)_________, the automobiles provide transportation for millions of people. Factories (5)__________much of the material which pollutes air and water, but factories give employment to a large number of people.
Thus, to (6)__________or greatly reduce pollution immediately, people would have to stop using many things that benefit them. Most of the people do not want to do that, of course. But pollution can be (7)__________reduced in several ways. (8)__________and engineers can work to find ways to lessen the (9)__________of pollution that such things as automobiles and factories cause. Governments can pass and enforce laws that require businesses and individuals to stop, or cut (10)__________on certain polluting activities.
1. A. for	 B. as	C. because	D. since
2. A. Polluter B. pollutant	C. polluting	D. pollution 
3. A. in	B. at	C. from	D. for
4. A. Therefore	B. However	C. Moreover	D. But 
5. A. discharge	B. offer	C. emit	 D. dissolve
6. A. cause	B. end	C. increase	D. pause
7. A. increasingly 	B. hopelessly	C. gradually	D. dangerously
8. A. Scientists	B. Doctors	C. Lecturers	D. Botanists 
9. A. number	 B. figures	C. numbers	D. amount	
10. A. up	B. off	C. down	D. into 	 
III. (10pts) Read the passage below and choose the best answer from A, B, C, or D. 
July 4th is Independence Day. Another name for Independence Day is the Fourth of July. On this day, Americans remember the first Independence Day on July 4th, 1776.
The revolutionary War began in 1775. The 13 colonies were angry with England. They were tired of paying taxes to King George. They wanted freedom to make laws. So in 1776, leaders from 13 colonies met in Philadielphia, Pensylvania. They talked about freedom from England. Thomas Jefferson wrote a paper. The paper, the Declaration of Independence, said the colonies were “ free and independent states.” The leaders signed it on July 4th, 1776.
People in the 13 colonies were very happy about the Declaration of Independence. They made a lot of noise with bells, drums and guns.
People today like to make noise on Independent Day, too.
The fourth of July is a national holiday. Government offices, banks and schools close. Most people don’t go to work. Families and friends get together outside for picnics and cookouts. Many Americans fly the flag outside their homes or businesses on July 4th.
People also go to Fourth of July parades and listen to patriotic music. In the evening when it gets dark, people watch beautiful fireworks. In most states, people can’t buy fireworks because they are dangerous. People can get hurt. So, city governments usually have safe fireworks for everyone to enjoy.
Independence Day isn’t only day for cookouts, noise and fireworks. It is also a day to think about freedom. The Declaration of Independence says everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence is more than 200 years old, but its ideas are important.
1. What can be the best title of the passage?
 A. the Fourth of July	 
 B. Independence Day
 C. The revolutionary War
 D. America’s Independence Day
2. The first Independence Day is the Day ___________.
 A. the Revolution War broke out.
 B. the leaders from the 13 colonies met in Philadelphia.
 C. Thomas Jeeferson wrote the document.
 D. the leaders from the 13 colonies signed the declaration of Independence.
3. The War of Revolution broke out because___________.
 A. the colonies hated King Geogre.
 B. the colonists wanted freedom to make law.
 C. the colonists disagreed with the new law on taxes.
 D. the colonists didn’t want to pay any taxes.
 4. The phrase “tired of” in the second paragraph means____________.
 A. exhausted because of something
 B. not wanting to do something anymore.
 C. go brankrupt because of something.
 D. couldn’t affort to do something.
5. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
 A. Thomas Jefferson B. A writer C. A poet D. King George
6. The activities are made on Independence Day EXCEPT.
 A. parading on the streets or square.
 B. going outside for picnics and cookouts.
 C. going shopping.
 D. watching fireworks.
7. The word “it” in line 8 refers to___________________
 A. Independence Day
 B. the Declaration of Independence
 C. The revolutionary War 
 D. Philadielphia
8. What are mentioned in the Declaration of Independence?
 A. the right to life 
 B. the right to liberty 
 C. the right to pursuit of happiness. 
 D. All are correct
9. From reading the passage, it seems that_______________.
 A. Americans don’t like to make noise on Independence Day.
 B. The Declaration of Independence is old-fashioned.
 C. Americans have to fly Stars and Stripes outside their homes on Independence Day.
 D. Americans are proud of their Star-Spangled Banner.
10. Which of the following is TRUE?
 A. Independence Day is a religious holiday.
 B. The Declaration of Independence was signed by all the colonists.
 C. Students don’t have to go to school on Independence Day.
 D. Independence Day is a day to talk about freedom from England.
IV. Read the text and decide if each sentence is True or False. (5points)
Every day on radio, on TV and in the newspaper, we hear, see or read about many 
problems in the world, for example, pollution problems.
Air pollution is the first kind. It mostly comes from fumes released from motorbikes,
cars, airplanes, trains and poisonous gases emitted from factories. Also, waste is dumped
anywhere, even in the city where many people are living. The second pollution problem 
is sea pollution. Many people earn their living from fishing in the sea, and the fish they
catch feed many people. But the sea has become so polluted from oil spills and factory 
wastes that the fish are dying. This pollution is not only killing the fish, but it is also 
affecting those people who ate fish.
Seldom do you find a place nowadays that is not polluted. This problem is growing more 

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