Đề thi vào lớp 10 năm học 2009-2010

We usually go to visit our grandparents .the summer.

 a. with b. on c. in d. for

2. Energy-saving bulbs should be used to save .

 a. electronic b. electrician c. electricity d. electric

3. Jeans are .all over the world.

 a. sell b. sold c. to sell d. selling


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ĐỀ THI VÀO LỚP 10 NĂM HỌC 2009-2010
I. Choose the best answer. (3.5)
1.We usually go to visit our grandparents.the summer.
	a. with 	b. on	c. in	d. for
2. Energy-saving bulbs should be used to save..
	a. electronic	b. electrician	c. electricity	d. electric
3. Jeans are .all over the world.
	a. sell	b. sold	c. to sell 	d. selling
4. “ Would you like to go out for dinner?” – “..”
	a. yes, I do	b. Yes, I’d love to.	c. No, I don’t	d. No, I didn’t
5. My father enjoys.when he has spare time.
	a. cooking	b. cook	c. cooked 	d. to cook
6. Nowadays, Vietnamese women wear the Ao Dai on special.
	a. chances 	b. opportunities	c. occasions 	d. times
7. John didn’t do his homework, .?
	a. Didn’t he 	b. Did John	c. Didn’t John	d. Did he
8. Lam passed the test successfullyhe worked very hard.
	a. though	b. so 	c. If	d. because
9. If you explained it to him more slowly, he .. it.
	a. understands	b. would understand 	c. understood	d. will understand.
10. People are now interested in saving money and..resources.
	a. natural	b. naturalize	c. nature	d. naturally
11. “ Congratulations !” – “..”
	a. You’re welcome.	b. Thanks	c. That’s wonderful.	d. Not at all.
12. On Wednesday, Thu has an appointment with the doctor 7pm.
	a. at 	b. on 	c. with	d. from
13. The book you gave me on my birthday has been lost.
	a. that 	b. who	c. whom	d. when
14. Hoa has been nominated as the most effective .in the town charity program.
	a. activity	b. actor	c. actress	d. activist
II. Supply the correct verb form. ( 2)
They ( move )..three times since they got married.
When I was young. I ( play )..the piano for my school band.
If the weather is fine, we ( go ) ..camping next Sunday.
I wish I ( can ).go out for dinner with you now.
While I ( stand ). in front of the school gate, I ( see) ..Nam.
Mrs Thanh suggests ( take ).showers to save water.
My teacher asked us ( wait ).for a minute.
III. Fill in the gap with a suitable word from the box. ( 1.5)
collecting – celebration – to turn off – impressed – fashionable – pollution.
This dress is very lovely and
Remember .. the lights when you leave.
Tet is the most important .. for Vietnamese people.
The visitors are really .by the beauty of Ha Long Bay.
Environmental ..is one of the most serious problems today.
What about .used bottles, paper, and cans?
 IV. Read the passage, then decide if the following statements are true ( T ) or false ( F). (1)
	Dear Mom, 
How are you? How is Michael? I hope that he has stopped sneezing and coughing. 
I am doing really great. I am really enjoy my tour of the museums of Europe. I have been to the Louvre in Paris. It was really exciting seeing the real Mona Lisa, but I was disappointed because it was so small. Right now I am in Spain. I have visited Madrid, and now I am in Barcelona. There are so many museums to visit that I don’t know where to begin!
	The admission fees are much more expensive than I expected, so I can’t see every thing that I wanted to see. Some days I have to choose between having lunch or going to a museum. However, the museums in Spain are not as expensive as the museums in France. I want to go to Italy next. I hear that Florence has the best art of any cities in Europe.
	With love, Sally.
1. The real Mona Lisa is smaller than Sally expected. ( )
2. There are many museums in Barcelona. ( )
3. Florence is the best city for art in Europe. ( )
4. The museums in Spain are more expensive than the museums in France. ( )
V. Do as directed. ( 2) 
1. They will publish this book next year. (Change into passive voice)
-> This book	
2. “ Do you speak any foreign language?” ( Change into reported speech)
-> He asked me	
3. It’s nearly twenty years since we met our uncle. ( complete the sentence)
-> We	
4. I know a lot of people. They live in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. 
 ( combine sentences, using relative clause.)

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