Đề thi tuyển sinh lớp 10 THPT chuyên Nguyễn Trãi môn Tiếng Anh - Năm học 2015-2016 - Sở GD&ĐT Hải Dương (Có đáp án)


Hướng dẫn bài nghe:

Bài nghe gồm có 02 phần, mỗi phần thí sinh được nghe 02 lần. Giữa 2 lần nghe, thí sinh có 30 giây để soát lại câu trả lời. Mở đầu mỗi phần nghe có tín hiệu nhạc. Mọi hướng dẫn bằng tiếng Anh đều có trong bài nghe.

Part I. Listen to the conversation and decide whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F). Write T for True and F for False in your answer sheet. (5 points)

1. They are talking about the man’s first date with a girl.

2. The man first dated the girl in a famous restaurant.

3. Before going, he had made a list of what to talk and put it in his pocket.

4. He did as a waiter to attract his new friend.

5. He ordered chicken and they had a good meal together.

Part II. Listen to a conversation between a man and a woman, and fill in the gaps with suitable information (10 points)

6. The man is a ______.

 A. university student B. business man C. secondary student D. guitarist

7. The man and his friends are going to be in London till ______.

 A. July B. May 20th C. the end of June D. the end of the month

8. The man wants to rent a house ______.

 A. near London B. in the North of London

 C. in the central London D. in the suburb of London

9. He wants a ______.

 A. furnished flat B. house with a big garden

 C. modern furnished house D. small flat with a balcony

10. The rent of the first house is ______.

 A. £ 300 a week B. £ 400 a week C. £ 500 a week D. £ 600 a week

11. There is a(n) ______ nearby the first house.

 A. bookshop B. supermarket C. shopping mall D. Internet café


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27. You and I are busy right now, ______? 
	A. aren’t I 	B. aren’t we	C. we aren’t	D. aren’t you 
28. He hated his job, as a ______ of fact he has now given it up.
A. matter	B. nature	C. condition	D. type
29. What’s your proposal? – I propose that the meeting ______. 
	A. is postponing 	B. be postponed	C. to be postponed	D. postpones
30. 	Patient: “Excuse me! Could you tell me when Dr. Smith has office hours?” 
Nurse: “______.” 
A. Yes, I could	B. Not really, but there’s a sign on the door I think
C. By no means	D. When he’s not busy
31. I have been looking for this book for months, and ______ I have found it. 
	A. at last	B. in time	C. at the end 	D. at present.
32. He was ______ thought of in the cut-throat world of competitive business. 
	A. high	B. higher	C. highly	D. highest
33. On hearing the good news, all of the children were too excited to sit ______. 
	A. around 	B. up 	C. still 	D. calm
34. If only I ______ play the guitar as well as you! 
	A. would 	B. should	C. could	D. might
35. One way to overcome a flustered feeling or “butterflies in the stomach” is to note that interviewers want to hire people who have something to offer the company. 
	What option can best replace the phrase “butterflies in the stomach” in the sentence above?
A. sufferings	B. a nervous feeling	C. a feeling of happiness D. a feeling of loss
36. Owen: “Thank you for your help, Liam” Liam: “______.” 
A. Thanks anyway	B. No, of course not
C. That’s the least I could do	D. Oh, my God
37. If you attend this course, you will get used to ______ with new methods. 
A. learn	B. be learnt	C. learning	D. learnt
38. ______ in 1607, Jamestown in Virginia was the first settlement in the New World. 
A. Founded	B. It was founded	C. Founding	D. To be found
39. “______ bad weather we are having this summer!” said the woman. 
	A. What a	B. How	C. How this	D. What 
40. Neither her classmates nor Lilly ______ the National Museum so far. 
	A. visits	B. visited	C. hasn’t visited	D. has visited	
II. Supply the correct form of the word given in the bracket to complete each sentence below (5 points)
41. The noise (little) _______ as the plane got farther away. 
42. He lost in the election because he was a weak and (decide) _______ leader. 
43. I was annoyed at his (refuse) _______ to co-operate. 
44. My new car is more (economy) _______ than the one I had before. 
45. Librarians spend a lot of time (class) _______ books. 	
III. Choose the underlined part in each sentence that needs correcting (5 points)
46. The teacher told his students to close their books, stand up immediately and listened to his instructions.
 A B C D
47. Not having read the book before, he didn’t know who is the author. 
 A B C D
48. Because of the need to maintain the balance of salts and minerals in the water, keeping saltwater fish 
 A B C in aquariums requires more work that keeping freshwater fish. 
49. Air pollution, together with littering, are causing many problems in our large, industrial cities today. 
 A	 B C D
50. The little girl sitting next to me on the plane yesterday was nervous because she has never flown before. 
 A B C D
I. The people below all want to visit a museum. There are descriptions of six museums. Decide which museum would be the most suitable for the following people. Write the correct answer (A-F) next to the number. (5 points) 
51. _______ Joanne wants to visit a museum and see people making things. She has no car and would like to have lunch there.
52. _______ Duncan wants to find out where local people worked in the past and what they did in their spare time. He wants to buy a book about the exhibition. He travels by bus.
53. _______ Christina wants to visit a museum with her daughter to see how people used to live. They want to have lunch there and buy some presents to take home. They will go by car.
54. _______ Carl’s hobby is painting pictures, so he would like to see the work of other painters who live in the area. He wants to have a snack at the museum. He travels by public transport.
55. _______ The Cannavaro family want to walk around a site which offers opportunities for the whole family to take part in activities. They want somewhere pleasant to eat their own sandwiches. They have a car.
Charberth Museum is near the main bus station and has a rich collection of objects, 19th – century paintings and photographs showing life in the town over the centuries - the jobs people did and how they entertained themselves. An accompanying book showing the works on display is available from the Museum Shop as well as some attractive gifts. There is no café.
Fairley Museum is arranged like an old – fashioned village. You can see people working at their trades to produce tools, pots and even boats using traditional skills. There is a small picnic area in the car park but most people eat in the excellent café. The museum is on a bus route.
Westerleigh Museum is near the bus station, and contains exhibitions showing the town’s development. In a separate room there are works by some well-known artists as well as changing exhibitions of work by local artists. Sandwiches, cakes and hot drinks are on sale in the cafe.
The rooms in Scotwood Museum are furnished as they were 100 years ago. The staff spend the day as people did then and are happy to explain what it was like. There are activity sheets for children and a shop with books, souvenirs and cards, as well as a good café and car park.
Set in beautiful countryside, the Woodlands Museum is arranged like a village of 100 years ago. To learn more about this period, visitors are encouraged to spend time doing practical things such as making pots and cooking. There is an adventure playground with a picnic area under the trees and parking.
Middleworth Museum is full of objects from the past, which tell the story of different people who worked in the area, from factory workers to the men who built the canal and the railway. There is a Family Folder of things to do. The museum has a café and is near the bus and railway station. 
II. Read the passage below and choose the option A, B, C or D that best fits each blank. (10 points)
In a village on the east coast of Scotland, people were waiting (56) _________ for news. Two of their fishing-boats had been (57) _________ in the storm which had blown up during the night. In the cottages round the harbor people stood by their doors, (58) _________ worried to talk.
The rest of the fishing fleet had (59) _________ the harbor before dark, and the men from these ships waited and watched (60) _________ the wives and families of the (61) _________ men.
Some had brought thick blankets and some flasks of hot drinks, (62) _________ that the men would be cold and tired. As dawn began to break over (63) _________ the east, a small point of light was seen in the darkness of the water and a few minutes later, there was a shout. Before long, the two boats were turning in, past the lighthouse, to the (64) _________ of the harbor. The men were helped out of their boats and though they were (65) _________ with cold, they were all safe.
56. 	A. eagerly	B. anxiously	C. enthusiastically	D. surprisingly
57. 	A. broken	B. caught	C. traced	D. caused
58. 	A. enough	B. so	C. very	D. too
59. 	A. reached	B. come	C. arrived	D. got
60. 	A. together	B. with	C. for	D. out
61. 	A. missed	B. lost	C. missing	D. kidnapping
62. 	A. knowing	B. knew	C. know	D. to know
63. 	A. in	B. at	C. of	D. on
64. 	A. security	B. guard	C. safety	D. protection
65. 	A. solid	B. worried	C. bored	D. stiff
III. Read the passage below and choose the best option A, B, C or D (10 points) 
Valerie Jones runs a company called Peanuts whose job is to look after pop stars and pop groups when they go on tour. She is the person who feeds the stars and she’s been doing it for the past ten years.
When the stars are playing at a festival, Valerie may have to cook for up to a thousand people, which includes all the crew and the people who work backstage. She erects a marquee-a huge tent-and the food is served buffet style from a central serving area. She has to cater for different tastes, so there are normally four or more choices of menu. She also has to look after people who may be on special diet or some singers don’t eat dairy food before a concert.
She drives an enormous truck full of kitchen equipment and hires at least three walk-in refrigerators, a dishwashing unit and portable cabins which act as storerooms and office.
All the bands have to queue up to be served and everyone has to have a meal ticket. The stars are usually more relaxed when they are eating as no one is bothering them for autographs, although Valerie says that sometimes the security men and the stars’ managers are more trouble than the stars themselves.
There are certain things which she always has to keep in stock like herbal teas and her own particular mixture of honey, lemon and ginger which singers like to keep in flasks on stage with them when they are singing. Years ago bands used to drink quite a lot of alcohol, but these days they’re much healthier. Most bands drink fresh fruit juice and prefer to eat salads.
A lot of people in the bands are quite young and they’re not used to very expensive food, so Valerie prepares plain food unless a band sends her a “rider”. This is a list of special requirements. When people are tired, unwell or homesick they like to have familiar “comfort” food so she keeps a stock of people’s requirements just in case. As a result of all this Valerie says she has become an expert shopper and in less than an hour in a supermarket she can spend £1000.
A lot of bands won’t eat before a concert because they’re too nervous, so Valerie and her staff can end up working very long hours as they have to be around to provide what people want at two or three in the morning. One thing Valerie has noticed is tha

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