Kỳ thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 năm học 2010 – 2011 môn thi: tiếng anh (tiếp)

Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. Write A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

11 1. A. deny B. deposit C. benefit D. respond

 2. A. neighbor B. accurate C. debate D. roommate

 3. A. laugh B. cough C. enough D. drought

 4. A. theatre B. therefore C. though D. gather

 5. A. charity B. chopstick C. champagne D. exchange


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ation seems the worse
	6. If he ______ her phone number, he would have given her a ring.
	A. knew	B. had known	C. has known	D. had been known
	7. The student objected ______ punished by the headmaster.
	A. to be	B. being	C. to being	D. having been
	8. “How do you know that they were discussing your family?” – “Because they stopped ______ when I entered the room.”
	A. to talk	B. talking	C. for talking	D. from talking
	9. You cannot fail to obey it. You can’t ______ to do it.
	A. refuse	B. deny	C. resist	D. withdraw
	10. We think that we will elect Williams ______
	A. our chairman	B. for our chairman	C. be our chairman	D. being our chairman
	11. The river ______ with chemicals from factories and rubbish from households nearby.
	A. contaminates	B. is poisoned	C. is contaminated	D. poisons
	12. You are completely ______! You never think about anybody but yourself.
	A. mean	B. selfish	C. tight-fisted	D. greedy
	13. The doctor examined me and then wrote out a ______ for me to take to the chemist.
	A. paper	B. recipe	C. prescription	D. ticket
	14. When ______ a dictionary, you need to be able to understand the symbols and the abbreviations it contains.
	A. having used	B. use	C. to use	D. using
	15. There is always ______ traffic in the city centre at rush hours.
	A. strong	B. full	C. heavy	D. many
	16. “Did you like this film?” – “Well, after ______ the book, I was a bit disappointed”.
	A. having read	B. I have read	C. I am reading	D. having been read
	17. The newly married couple ______ lives next door just moved here from Canada.
	A. whom	B. where	C. which	D. that
	18. The person who would service your car is ______
	A. a mechanic	B. an engineer	C. a technician	D. a driver
	19. We try to ______ to see our parents at least twice a month.
	A. call up	B. drop in	C. go up	D. come on
	20. You can’t communicate with her at the moment. She’s in a real ______
	A. situation	B. state	C. position	D. condition
II. Supply the appropriate form of the words in the brackets. Write them on your answer sheet. (1,0 point)
 1. If you think I’m going to marry you, then I’m afraid you’re very much _____
 2. Presents were divided ______ to all children. One bag of toys to every child.
 3. The boss got angry as her work result was ______
 4. I can’t tell the ______ between the twins.
 5. ______ have warned the local people of the disaster.
 6. The situation is ______. Nobody could do anything to help.
 7. The police are investigating the sudden ______ of the valuable painting.
 8. Can you ______ this shirt for me? It’s a bit long.
 9. This time his ______ were not believed.
 10. It is becoming ______ obvious that changes will have to take place.
PART III: (3,0 points) READING 
I. Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage. Write A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. (1,0 point)
For many people, traveling by plane is an exciting experience. Others, however, find the whole ideas quite terrifying, ___(1)___ flying is no more dangerous than any ___(2)___ form of travel and some experts say it is considerably safer. It is known, however, that most accidents occur ___(3)___ take-off and landing when a ___(4)___ decisions are vitally important. The people ___(5)___ job is to look ___(6)___ the passengers – the stewards and stewardesses – play an important part in helping passengers to ___(7)___ safe and comfortable. Indeed, for many passengers being ___(8)___ such care of is all part of the total experience. ___(9)___ other form of travel involves waiting on people in quite the same ___(10)___, with food, drink, newspapers, magazines and even video films.
1. A. although	B. too	C. and	D. because
2. A. another	B. other	C. the other	D. others
3. A. during	B. while	C. for	D. through
4. A. leader’s	B. chief’s	C. driver’s	D. pilot’s
5. A. whose	B. which	C. their	D. that
6. A. for	B. up	C. after	D. round
7. A. feel	B. rest	C. experience	D. lie
8. A. given	B. kept	C. shown	D. taken
9. A. Any	B. No	C. All	D. Not
10. A. sort	B. kind	C. way	D. part
II. Read the following passage and choose the best answer to complete the sentences. Write A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. (1,0 point)
 A recent investigation by scientists at the U.S. Geological survey shows that strange animal behavior might help predict future earthquakes. Investigators found such occurrences in a ten-kilometer radius of the epicenter of a fairly recent quake. Some birds screeched and flew about wildly, dogs yelped and ran around uncontrollably. Scientists believe that animals can perceive these environmental changes as early as several days before the mishap.
In 1976, after observing animal behavior, the Chinese were able to predict a devastating quake. Although hundreds of thousands of people were killed, the government was able to evacuate millions of other people and thus keep the death toll at a lower level.
1. What prediction may be made by observing animal behavior?
A. an impending earthquake.	B. the number of people who will die.
C. The ten-kilometer radius of the epicenter.	D. environmental changes.
2. Why can animals perceive these changes when humans cannot?
	A. Animals are smarter than humans.	
B. Animals have certain instincts that humans don’t possess.
	C. By running around the house, they can feel the vibrations
	D. Humans don’t know where to look.
3. Which of the followings is NOT true?
	A. Some animals may be able to sense an approaching earthquake.
	B. By observing animal behavior, scientists perhaps predict earthquakes.
	C. The Chinese have successfully predicted an earthquake and saved many lives.
	D. All birds and dogs in a ten-kilometer radius of the epicenter went wild before the quake.
4. In this passage, the word “evacuate” most nearly means:
	A. remove	B. exile	C. destroy	D. emaciate
5. If scientists can accurately predict earthquakes, there will be
	A. fewer animals going crazy	B. fewer people evacuated
	C. a lower death rate	D. fewer environmental changes
III. Read the following items of information then match each one with a suitable headline. Write your answers on the answer sheet. (1,0 point) 
1. A girl fell from the top of a fifty-meter-high cliff at Southport and landed on a sandy beach. After the fall, she stood up and slowly walked home.
2. Theodore Lee has left all his money to the Society for the Poor Children. He died in April and his entire money of $540,000 goes to the Society.
3. Two men broke into a supermarket in Italy and walked off with 240 tins of dog food. However, they didn’t take anything else from the shop.
4. Police yesterday began to look for thieves who stole 14 paintings from a museum in Taipei. The paintings were among the best in the museum.
5. Two lorries crashed at the start of a new road system and caused a seven-mile queue. It took drivers three times longer to travel the same distance as on the old road.
6. Ted Cornwall, aged 77, has started his own telephone service for unhappy people. They can ring his home and listen to his choice of jokes.
7. Robert Tadley had a hard day with his three-year-old daughter. At last he asked, “Why do you cry all the time?” his daughter answered “but I don’t cry when I’m laughing”.
8. Advertisers spent more money on TV advertisements than on advertisements in newspapers, radio and cinema, all put together.
9. It has been very wet and windy today over most parts of the country. The temperature has already fallen to 20C and a very cold night is forecast.
10. An increasing number of people are now going on holiday to Egypt. Last year, for example, about one and a half million tourists visited Egypt.
PART IV: (3,0 points) WRITING 
I. Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting. Write A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. (1,0 point)
1. When I came back, I found that my camera had been disappeared
 A B C D
2. It is difficult to get used to sleep in a tent after having a soft, comfortable bed to lie on.
 A B C D
3. Mrs. Stevens, along with her cousins from New Mexico, are planning to attend the festivities
 A B C D
4. Working provides people for personal satisfaction as well as money.
 A B C D
5. They are going to get their house to decorate for the Christmas.
 A B C D
6. My mother doesn’t care how much does the car cost because she is going to buy it anyway.
 A B C D
7. No sooner had the secretary hang up than the phone rang again.
 A B C D
8. I find the Internet very usefully because there are many English-learning websites on the Internet.
 A B C D
9. Hundreds of houses and other buildings were destroying by the tropical storm which later developed into a hurricane. 
 A B C D
10. The balloon rises because of the hot air or gas inside the balloon is lighter than the air outside.
 A B C D
II. Using the word given in each bracket and other words to complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first. You must use between two and five words. DO NOT CHANGE THE WORD GIVEN. Write your answer on the answer sheet. (0,5 point)
	1. We can’t deny that all of us made certain mistakes early on. (true)
	à It is ............................................................ making mistakes.
	2. “I didn’t break the flower vase,” Tom said. (broken)
	à Tom ........................................................... flower vase.
	3. Do you have a good relationship with your boss? (along)
	à Are you ..................................................................your boss?
	4. She didn’t ring a bell but she walked in. (without)
	à She ................................................. a bell.
	5. I was impressed by the performance of th

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