Giáo án Tiếng Anh 8 - Unit 14, lesson 2

 I. Aim

 Students will be able to make a repost on famous place using reported speech.

 Ss will be able to recognize mistakes through listening to an advertisement.

II. Language contents:

 1/.Grammar: Indirect questions with IF and whether.


 The Great Barrier Reef, Empire State Building USA

 III. Techniques :

 Interview, pictures drill.

IV. Teaching aids:


V. Procedures:



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Period : 
 Lesson 2:
 I. Aim
 Students will be able to make a repost on famous place using reported speech.
 Ss will be able to recognize mistakes through listening to an advertisement.
II. Language contents:
 1/.Grammar: Indirect questions with IF and whether.
 The Great Barrier Reef, Empire State Building USA
 III. Techniques :
 Interview, pictures drill.
IV. Teaching aids: 
V. Procedures:
Teacher’s & students’ activities
 -T asks Ss to find out famous places in Vietnam and in the world 
Teacher presents new words on the board.
 Students listen, repeat and copy.
 Students read and give the meanings of these words.
-T asks Ss gives 10 famous places and practice with the picture (P/ 33)
-Ss practice and write yes/No questions
- Ss work in pairs / groups
- Teacher calls on several pairs to give their answers in front of the class.
- Teacher corrects.
-T presents grammar drill
- T asks a student: (Lan/…)
- Is Hue citadel in the central VN?
Yes, It is
- T asks Ss to listen
-T: I asked Lan If Hue citadel was in the Central VN. She said(that) it was
-T write the statement on the board
- Ss copy down.
T talks about their answers
T corrects If necessary
T remarks and gives marks 
Key : 
The teacher asked his students if / whether they remembered to do their homework
The doctor asked the patient if /whether he felt better then 
The mother asked her son if/ whether he was hungry
The boy asked the girl if/ whether he could go with her to school
-T presents new words
-T uses the realia , translation to introduce new words
-Ss copy 
- Have Ss play game “what and where ” to check new words
- T introduces situation “you are going to listen to an advertisement on the tape 
- There are 5 mistakes in the advertisement in your books what are they ?
- T asks Ss to read the advertisement in their books for a few minutes
- T asks Ss some questions about the geographical names in the paragraph
- T plays the tape 2 or 3 times
- T calls on several Ss to give their answers
- T plays the tape the last time , give feedback and correct
-T asks Ss some questions 
Ss answer the questions
1.Warm up: (5ms)
Networks :
Famous places
2. Pre-speaking(15ms)
 New words
-The Great Barrier Reef
- Empire State Building USA
- Eiffel Tower
- Mount Everest
Big Ben
Hue Citadel
Phong Nha Cave
The Great wall of China
Petronas Twin Towers
Model sentences
Ex : I said to Lan,” Is Hue citadel in the central VN?”
à I asked Lan if Hue citadel was in the Central Vietnam
à( yes/no question ---> Indirect Yes/ No question )
 S + V + O If/Whether + S + V 
 Checking vocabulary: 
‘ what and where”
 3. While-speaking:(15ms)
1. Write a Yes /No question about each place. Ask and answer the questions with a partner : 
Is Phong Lan Cave in Southern VietNam?
No, it isn’t.
Is Petronas Twin Towns the tallest building in the world?
Yes ,It is
* Suggestion :
1. Have they just built the Eiffel Tower in Paris?
2. Is the Empire State building located in New York city?
3. Are the Petronas Twin Tower located in Malaysia?
4. Is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia?
5. Have you ever seen Mount Rushmore?
6. Is Mount Everest in Nepal?
7. Is Phong Nha Cave in Northern Vietnam ?
8. Is the Great Wall of China the world’s longest structure ? 
9. Is Eiffel Tower in German ?
10. Is Ha Long Bay a World Heritage Site ? 
2. Talk about your classmates’ answers with your partner : 
Suggestion :
I asked Hoa if Phong Nha Cave was in Southern Vietnam. She said that it wasn’t 
I asked Nga whether PETRONAS Twin Towers in Malaysia was the highest building in the world. She said that it was .
I asked Nam if Ha Long Bay was a world Heritage Site . She said that it was 
I asked Lan whether Eiffel Tower was in German . She said that it wasn’t 
4. Post-speaking(8ms)
Change these sentences into the indirect ones :
The teacher said to students : “ Do you remember to do your homework ? “
The doctor said to the patient : “ Do you fell better now ? “ 
The mother said to her son : “ Are you hungry ? “ 
The boy said to the girl : “ Can I go to school with you ? “ 
1.Pre - listening: (10ms)
New words :
relaxing (adj) 
crystal clear water (adj) nöôùc trong nhö pha leâ
coral Sea (n) bieån san hoâ
snorkel (v) bôi laën coù söû duïng oáng thôû
jungle (n) röøng 
Pacific Ocean 
2. While - listening: (15ms )
Answer key 
Look no further than beautiful far north Queensland stay right on the beach at the Coconut Palm Hotel
Take guided tours though the rainforest, swim in the crystal-clear water of the coral sea and snorkel amongst the coral of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park-a World Heritage Site 
Call (077) 69243927 for more
The content of the listening :
Mr Robinson : I think this place sounds all right 
Mrs Robinson : You mean the one in far north Queensland ?
 Mr Robinson : Yes, it sounds perfect. The Coconut Palm Hotel is right on the beach according to the advertisement. Imagine getting up in the morning and looking at the Pacific Ocean
Mrs Robinson : It must be near a rainforest because the hotel offers guided tours. I hope there won’t be a lot of mosquitoes.
 Mr Robinson : I don’t think there will be because it will be dry when we go 
Mrs Robinson : The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is a World Heritage Site, isn’t it ?
 Mr Robinson : That’s right 
 Mrs Robinson : Ok . Let’s find out how much it costs. What ‘s the phone number ? 
 Mr Robinson : 077-6924 3927
 Mrs Robinson : 6924 3927
3.Post- listening:(3ms
Questions : 
Is the great Barrier Reef Marine is a World Heritage Site ? 
Do you know where it is ? 
Have you ever seen coral Sea ? 
Why does Mrs Robinson think there will be a lot of mosquitoes there ? 
4. Homework: (2’)
Listen to the tape many times
 - Prepare lesson 3 : read

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