Bài tập ngữ pháp lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh


Exercise 1: Pick out the word whose underlined partis pronounced differently from that of the

other words.

1. A. field B. heat C. meet D. head

2. A. dinner B. drink C. dive D. children

3. A. ready B. meat C. defeat D. beat

4. A. kitchen B. history C. time D. finish

5. A. arrive B. fit C. thrive D. drive

Exercise 2: Pick out the word that has the stress pattern different from that of the other words.

6. A. usually B. afternoon C. family D. buffalo

7. A. tobacco B. breakfast C. children D. several

8. A. continue B. alarm C. contented D. sometimes

9. A. airport B. passenger C. technology D. chemistry

10. A. routine B. tobacco C. neighbour D. experience

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 We ..(study) every lesson in the book, so far. 
 17. I .(have) three colds this winter. 
 18. Up to now, John .(work) very hard. 
Exercise 4: Hãy chia thì Hiện Tại Hoàn Thành hoặc Quá Khứ ñơn cho các ñộng từ trong ngoặc. 
 19. They ..(sell) their house several days ago. 
 20. John ..(work) for this company since 1980. 
 21. Linda is working in this department. She ..(work) here for two years. 
 22. Many people in this class ...(see) this beautiful house several times. 
 23. They ..(live) in London from 1970 to 1990. 
 24. They .(live) in China since 2000. 
 25. We ..(study) English at this school for a month. 
 26. Our present teacher ....(live) in this city all of his life. 
 27. This boy .(not / finish) his homework yet. 
 28. I .... (speak) to him about your work several times already. 
 29. .you ...(ever travel) to China before ? 
 30. he ..(receive) a letter just a few minutes ago. 
 31. I (not / see) John recently. 
 32. It’s the third time you ..(lose) your key. 
 33. This is one of the best books I .(ever read). 
 34. You ..(put) your book on my desk last night. 
Exercise 5: Active or Passive? Underline the correct verb form. 
 35. Tom has just promoted / has just been promoted to area manager of East Asia. 
 36. My father has taken / has been taken English class in the U.S. 
 37. How many times have you / have you been fired? 
 38. How much money have you saved / have you been saved for your vacation. 
 39. My brother has given / has been given tickets to the concert . 
 40. The population of our city has risen / has been risen to nearly one million. 
 41. A strike has called / has been called by the factory worker. 
 42. They haven’t offered / haven’t been offered more money by the management. 
Exercise 6: fill in the gap with a suitable relative pronoun. 
 43. Have you got the money ..I lent you yesterday. 
 44. The man  I had seen before wasn’t at the party. 
 45. This is a machine ..cost half a million pounds. 
 46. She’s the singer ..has just signed a contract with a recording company. 
 47. I don’t understand people . hate animals. 
Bài tập ngữ pháp lớp 10 CB Lê Ngọc Thạch 
 48. The girl .was injured in the accident is now in the hospital. 
 49. What was the name of the man lent you the money. 
Exercise 7: Arrange the words in each line so as to have a correct sentence. 
 50. How / you / English / have / learnt / long? 
 51. English / I / for / learnt / years / now / have / ten 
 52. started / Have / you / French / to / learnt / yet ? 
 53. We / already / school / have / the / in / our / since / language / 1990 / studied 
 54. Have / yet / you / London / visited 
 55. Have / Scotland / you / yet / been / to 
Exercise 8: Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that need correcting. 
 56. I haven’t met him since a long time. 
 A B C D 
 57. This is the first time I visited China. 
 A B C D 
 58. A new hospital for children has built in our city. 
 A B C D 
 59. Have you finish the report yet. 
 A B C D 
 60. Everything is ready, but the guests haven’t came yet. 
 A B C D 
 61. The air conditioner who is in the sitting room is out of order. 
 A B C D 
 62. I didn’t use the computer since last week so I don’t know what’s wrong with it 
 A B C D 
Exercise 9: Choose the best answer. 
 62. My aunt has just bought an  cooker. 
 A. electric B. electrical C. electricity D. electrician 
 63. A is used to copy the information from a computer on to paper. 
 A. photocopier B. printer C. speaker D. mouse 
 64. This robot is .of doing almost anything you ask. 
 A. able B. possible C. capable D. could 
 65. The Internet helps us to interact other people around the world. 
 A. to B. from C. of D. with 
 66. Robert is going to be famous someday. He ..in three movies already. 
 A. appeared B. had appeared C. has appeared D. has been appearing 
 67. The chemistry book ..was a little expensive. 
 A. that I bought it B. I bought that C. what I bought D. that I bought 
 68. Do you remember Mrs. Huong, ..taught us English. 
 A. who B. whom C. that D. which 
 69. I have been in this city for a long time. I .here sixteen years ago. 
 A. have come B. was coming C. came D. had come 
 70. The man died because medical help was not helped. A doctor should ...... immediately. 
 A. have called B. been called C. called D. have been called 
 71. What makes a computer such a .device? 
 A. miracle B. miraculous C. miraculously D. wonder 
 72. Computers are capable ..doing almost anything you ask. 
 A. in B. at C. of D. with 
 73. You can relax with computer games or by listening to .music. 
 A. computer – played B. computers – played 
 C. computer - playing D. computers – playing 
Bài tập ngữ pháp lớp 10 CB Lê Ngọc Thạch 
 74. Quoc Hoc High School, ..we are studying, is a famous school in Vietnam. 
 A. which B. that C. where D. in where 
 72. My father has bought me an .computer. 
 A. economical B. electrical C. electric D. electronic 
 73. This is the last time I .an exercise like this. 
 A. do B. did C. have done D. would do 
 74. You may borrow my bike .. you are careful with it . 
 A. as much as B. as long as C. even if D. expected 
 75. What is your subject at school ? 
 A. preferred B favourite C. liked D. rather 
 76. A new hospital in the area lately. 
 A. was built B. was being built C. has built D. has been built 
 77. This box .for a long time yet . 
 A. hasn’t been opened B. hadn’t been opened 
 C. wasn’t opened D. wasn’t being opened 
 78. The man .. I had seen before wasn’t at the party. 
 A. whom B. that C. x D. all are correct 
 79. A computer is a ..typewriter which allows you to type and print any kind 
 of document. 
 A. magically B. magical C. magic D. magician 
 80. Can you help me find the man saved the girl? 
 A. which B. whom C. who D. whose 
 81. None of the students ..in our this problem yet. 
 A. have been solving B. have solved C. were solving D. were solved 
 82. All of those .in favour of the motion, raise your hands. 
 A. who are B. who is C. whom are D. whom is 
 83. I’d like to live in a country .there is plenty of snow in winter. 
 A. which B. where C. which D. both B&C 
 84. John .to executive manager of an advertising company. 
 A. has just been promoted B. has just been promoting 
 C. has just promoted D. is promoting 
 85. How much money .for your vacation ? 
 A. are you saved B. have you been saved 
 C. have you saved D. were you saved 
 86. We .to Da Lat several times. It’s a foggy city. 
 A. were B. have been C. were being D. would go 
 87. Fax machines were a wonderat the time. 
 A. inventive B. invention C. discover D. discovery 
 88. Please ..the mess. 
 A. excuse B. mind C. remember D. miss 
 89. They have made a lot of progress ..the country became independent. 
 A. for B. since C. before D. until 
 90. Every evening since last Christmas, I .my dog out for a walk in the park. 
 A. take B. took C. have taken D. have been taking 
 91. My uncle John manager of the film. 
 A. is just made B. has just made 
 C. has just been made D. has just been making 
 92. I would like to see that football game because I .one this year. 
 A. haven’t seen B. hadn’t seen C. haven’t to see D. hadn’t to see 
Bài tập ngữ pháp lớp 10 CB Lê Ngọc Thạch 
Exercise 1: Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently 
from the rest. 
 1. A. picture B. classmate C. pagoda D. center 
 2. A. worse B. world C. sword D. worm 
 3. A. husband B. button C. circus D. funny 
 4. A. burn B. shirt C. working D. answer 
 5. A. thirteen B. second C. suggest D. problem 
Exercise 2: Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern. 
 6. A. reason B. resort C. mountain D. forest 
 7. A. beside B. believe C. enjoy D. weather 
 8. A. understand B. altitude C. interesting D. photograph 
 9. A. occasional B. geography C. information D. participant 
 10. A. persuade B. request C. progressive D. fortunate 
Exercise 3: Complete the sentences with “BE GOING TO” and a verb or expression from the 
Leave, snow, drive, be sick, jump, have a job interview, be late, study together 
 11. Look at that man on the bridge! I think he  
 12. I don’t feel well. I think I .. 
 13. It’s so cold and look at those clouds! I think it .. 
 14. This film is so boring. We  
 15. Sally’s wearing her best clothes. She  
 16. Hurry up! It’s nearly ten o’clock! You  
 17. “Are you free tonight ? ” “I am sorry, I’m going to meet Jack at the library at 7. We 
18. “Do you want to walk to the shop ? ” “No, I .” 
Exercise 4: Choose the best answer. 
 19. Tom and I to Mary’s birthday party together. 
 A. am going B. are going C. will go D. are going to go 
 20. You have heard she isn’t coming to the meeting, .? 
 A. is she B. haven’t you C. aren’t you D. hasn’t she 
 21. I will try to .her to go with us. 
 A. persuade B. suggest C. propose D. offer 
 22. This semester in geography we have studied rock . 
 A. information B. formal C. informal D. formations 
 23. We are going to make a two-day to visit Huong Pagoda. 
 A. travel B. excursion C. voyage D. gone 
 24. I know that he ..in the library at this moment. 
 A. works B. has worked C. is working D. was working 
 25. She sixteen years old next Saturday. 
 A. is B. is going to C. will be D. has 
 26. I .our teacher tomorrow, so I shall give him your note. 
 A. have seen B. going to see C. shall have seen D. am seeing 
 27. I think they’re going to visit Sa Pa, .? 
 A. aren’t they B. are they going C. do I D. don’t I 
 28. Our class ..a picnic at Thay Pagoda this Sunday. 
 A. am having B. will has C. is going to have D. go to have 
 29. Where is your father? – He .in his office. 
 A. works B. has worked C. is working D. worked 
 30. At this time tomorrow, we ..on the train to Ho

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